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At Coinmine, we make crypto beautiful, friendly and easy to use.

The Coinmine App lets you setup and control your Coinmine One device, change what blockchain your device is powering, keep track of what you've earned and even add more Coinmine Ones to your account - all in one place.

Coinmine is the easiest way to power the blockchain and cryptocurrency revolution. Just plug in your Coinmine One device, open the Coinmine app to connect to WiFI and tap on the crypto network you want to help power.

Your Coinmine One device will receive automatic over the air updates to help keep you on the cutting edge of new promising blockchain and crypto networks.

Coinmine App features

- setup your Coinmine One device

- connect your Coinmine One to WiFi

- control which blockchain your Coinmine One is powering

- track what you're earning for helping power that blockchain

- track the value of different tokens

- get news and learn more

Coinmine One device features

- plug and play

- WiFI or Ethernet

- currently powers Ethereum, Monero, Zcash, Grin, Ethereum Classic (more coming soon)

- automatic free over the air updates to new networks

Coinmine One requires a working internet connection or WiFi.

About this version (0.1.185)

Bug fixes and minor enhancements

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