Coffee Recipe Latte & Espresso

Coffee Recipe Latte & Espresso

This app brings you a great selection of delicious Coffee recipes!

Coffee Recipe Latte & Espresso
Coffee Recipe Latte & Espresso Coffee Recipe Latte & Espresso Coffee Recipe Latte & Espresso Coffee Recipe Latte & Espresso Coffee Recipe Latte & Espresso

If you’ve been looking for the delicious coffee recipes don’t look any further! Whether it’s cappuccino, latte or cold coffee, many of us are drawn to coffee’s distinct aroma and flavour, this is also the reason why coffee is considered as one of the most popular beverages worldwide.

Apart from coffee, tea is definitely one of life’s ultimate pleasures. Coffee, tea doesn’t only bring comfort, but it can also provide the body with many health benefits when taken properly. Same with chocolate and tea, coffee is also a great source of antioxidants that can help in delaying the signs of aging and can aid in fighting against common degenerative diseases. For perfect coffee brewing, you need a great coffee recipe. We can’t tell you the Starbucks secret, but we can sure help you with our own amazing and simple coffee recipes.

Drinking coffee promotes cognitive function and can stimulate our senses to become more alert and attentive. It contains a very minimal amount of calories which makes it a better alternative to other popular social drinks like regular sodas and alcoholic beverages. Just be mindful of what goes into your coffee especially if you are watching your weight, because sugar, milk, and cream can give you additional calories. In the culinary world, coffee is normally used as flavouring for cakes, pastries, ice cream, and sauces.

This Easy Coffee Recipes app will guide you in creating that perfect coffee blend whether you are having it for breakfast or snack. You will surely find here a coffee recipe that will suit your taste. Forget about Aeropress or Nespresso, and try our simple coffee recipes now!

This amazing app is very user-friendly to select your desired coffee recipe, simply tap on the assigned photo. No need to worry about your latte or cappuccino calories, it will also show the Nutritional information for each recipe so you will know the amount of calories, fat, protein, and carbohydrates as well as sodium that each one has.

Lastly, once you have downloaded this Easy Coffee Recipes app on your Android device, you can browse on all your favourite recipes anytime, anywhere because there is no more internet connection required to run this app.

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Here are some of the featured recipes:

Orange Kissed Black Coffee
Coffee Vanilla Pumpkin Pie
Peppermint Black Coffee
Choco Malt Cappuccino
Almond Choco Coffee
Cinnamon Spiced Café Americano
Hot Mochaccino
Irish Cream Coffee
French Vanilla Mocha
Gingerbread Spiced Holiday Coffee
Coffee Coconut with Honey
Raspberry Cream Coffee

Banana Coffee and Oat Smoothie
Iced Hazelnut Coffee
Without Sugar Iced Almond Coffee
Low-Fat Mocha Cream Shake
Dark Choco Vanilla and Coffee Smoothie
Spiced Mocha Shake
Peppermint Mocha Frappe
Raspberry Choco Coffee Shake
Iced Macadamia Mocha
Spiced Irish Cream Coffee Frappe
Mocha Caramel Frappe
Ice Cream Choco Java
Easy Nutella Frappe

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