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Code Red Lifestyle Code Red Lifestyle Code Red Lifestyle Code Red Lifestyle

Ready to lose all the weight you want and feel better than you have in years with NO shakes, diet pills, diet foods, or even exercise?

Code Red Lifestyle™ is the official mobile experience of author, celebrity nutritionist, and retired professional boxer Cristy Code Red, and your one-stop-shop for all things Code Red. Inside you will access the tools and training to safely and sustainably lose weight and TAKE YOUR LIFE BACK by eating real food, drinking water, and sleeping.

Download the Code Red Lifestyle™ app to:

- Join the ultra-popular 30-day 10 Pound Takedown weight loss challenge
- Dive into the advanced Code Red Home Study program for faster weight loss (includes weekly Q&A training with Cristy)
- Access nutrition, mindset, and weight loss videos, audios, and blogs from Cristy
- Listen to episodes of the Rebel Weight Loss & Lifestyle podcast
- Invest in Code Red’s exceptional maintenance program to help you keep the weight off and reintroduce exercise (application required)
- Shop the Code Red Lifestyle™ store for cookbooks, workbooks, The Code Red Revolution book, swag, supplements, and other Code Red-approved resources
- Purchase Code Red’s digital trainings on self-sabotage caused by emotional eating, adjusting to your new size, navigating loss without sabotaging your progress, and MORE
- The latest Code Red Lifestyle™ sneak peeks and updates, including Code Red events, where you can see Cristy speak, and MUCH MORE

The app is free to download and includes content that is free to access. The app also includes paid digital content, training, and physical products you may choose to purchase.

If you are ready to stop circling the weight loss mountain and TAKE YOUR LIFE BACK, download the Code Red Lifestyle™ mobile experience today!

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