c-Now - Emergency Video Calls

c-Now - Emergency Video Calls

c-Now allowing rescuers reach you 60% faster!

c-Now - Emergency Video Calls
c-Now - Emergency Video Calls c-Now - Emergency Video Calls c-Now - Emergency Video Calls c-Now - Emergency Video Calls c-Now - Emergency Video Calls c-Now - Emergency Video Calls c-Now - Emergency Video Calls

**Winner of two Platinum Public Safety Awards 2017 by American Security Today**

c-Now by Carbyne (previously Reporty) is your go-to-safety app that will protect you and your loved ones. With the tap of a button start an emergency call through live video streaming with your exact location and option to chat. Our smart technology will deliver your incident in full and make sure you get the help you need - faster than ever before. You will also get notified when family or friends report an incident and will be updated on all reports in your area through c-Now’s live map.

The c-Now app is part of a complete ecosystem allowing call takers to view prioritize and handle reports with the utmost efficiency.


Create a profile
Click the service you wish to report to
Connect with your personal profile through live video exact location live text and personal profile
Get precise immediate help
Friends and family will be notified once you report

WHY c-Now?

▲ Free to download free to report

▲ Live Video Report - help first responders establish what is happening and provide faster help

▲ Accurate Location - our patented technology can pinpoint your location to within a meter outdoors and indoor

▲ Live Chat - when you aren’t able to speak and for the hearing impaired

▲ Personalized - fill in your profile for emergency services to know more about you when you report

▲ Stable Communication - our patented technology will connect you to the best cellular connection to ensure service quality

▲ Global Safety - c-Now is available worldwide helping you stay safe wherever you are

▲ Social Safety Network - your c-Now network will be notified when you report

▲ Live Map - view all reports around you


Please note in order to get full access to Carbyne’s state-of-the art features the call centre you are contacting needs to have the Carbyne ecosystem. In the event they don’t - you will be connected via a regular audio call. Carbyne is spreading rapidly throughout the world. Tell your representatives that you want Carbyne in your town!

The Carbyne team cares about your privacy and your battery life and so to conserve your battery - the app will use the GPS during a report in order to improve positioning services.

Important! The c-Now app is permitted for users age 16 and up.

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c-Now - Emergency Video Calls
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