ClockIn Portal

ClockIn Portal

Clock in track lunches and report miles with the ClockIn Portal companion app.

ClockIn Portal
ClockIn Portal ClockIn Portal ClockIn Portal ClockIn Portal

ClockIn Portal helps small businesses accurately track time for hourly employees. Set up your company account and manage employees on the web, then let your employees use this companion app to clock in. Additional employee self-service features are available on the web.

Visit to learn more and sign up for a 30-DAY FREE TRIAL.

• Clock in and out
• Track lunches
• Report mileage for reimbursement*
• Write a short note for each shift*

• Shift edits and approvals
• Access points (restrict clocking to specific computers or networks)
• Reporting (including payroll)
• Google Apps user importing (for faster setup)

Happy clocking.

* Must be enabled by an account administrator

About this version (2.1.1)

KILOMETERS Kilometers have arrived! If your company uses kilometers to track distance, you'll now see that reflected in the app. IMPROVED TIME DISPLAY ACCURACY The time you've worked today will now be more accurate. We also removed those pesky (and misleading) seconds.

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Released: 11 February 2016
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ClockIn Portal
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