Cutting edge program designed by scientists and doctors to help you quit smoking

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Clickotine® is a cutting edge digital therapeutics™ solution designed by scientists and doctors to help you quit smoking. Our program is based on published science, and is personalized via our proprietary Clickometrics™ adaptive data science platform. Through the powerful combination of science and technology, we provide support people need to quit smoking and create healthier lives. Download now if you are a member of the Clickotine® program.

· Guided and personalized curriculum that prepares you to quit, and helps you stay quit
· Scientifically backed strategies to help you overcome cravings, withdrawal, and slips
· We help you make, and stick with, a customized quit plan -- all while monitoring your improvement over time
· Support groups to keep you encouraged and accountable with real life support form your friends, family, and community
· Ability to earn actual dollars from your employer, health insurer and/or your social network
· Access to a live professional quit coach and our customer service team whenever you need it
· Adaptive personalized messages tailored to your user profile and behavior
· Controlled, mindful breathing exercises to help you overcome cravings
· Digital diversions including games and activities to earn points and badges that you can exchange for rewards
· Clickometrics™ technology personalizes your solution for what will work best for you

Click Therapeutics, Inc. engineers, validates, and commercializes Digital Therapeutics™ solutions to benefit people with unmet medical needs through cognitive and neurobehavioral modification. Click Therapeutics™ digital interventions enable change within individuals, and can be used independently or in conjunction with biomedical treatments. The Clickometrics™ adaptive data science platform continuously personalizes user experience to drive cognitive and behavioral outcomes. As the leader in Digital Therapeutics™ solutions, Click Therapeutics is building the brains behind digital health.

About this version (2.5.9)

- New & improved breathing exercise, featuring two different visual modes! - Learn about our Care Guide team, and get personalized text messages from us while you use Clickotine. - Updated navigation experience & bug fixes

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2.5.8 released on 24 August 2021 (771 days ago)

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