Online shopping without toxics!

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Reveal unsafe ingredients in everyday products while shopping online!
We'll alert you to toxic chemicals, and help you switch to safe alternatives.

* Shop healthy on Amazon, Target, Sephora, iHerb, and Walmart by knowing what’s inside the product before buying it.

* Get automatic alerts on potential health risks hidden in ingredient lists of beauty (makeup, skincare, other cosmetics), personal care, baby care, cleaning products, and other product types.

* Effortlessly find safe alternatives, vetted by Clearya for nontoxic ingredients.

* While you shop online, Clearya automatically analyzes the product ingredients list for you, alerts on hazardous chemicals, and explains the risk.

* Based on official toxic chemical databases by regulators and scientists in the U.S., Canada, the European Union, Japan and more (data sources are listed transparently.)

* Alerted ingredients include thousands of known and suspected carcinogens (may cause cancer), hormone disruptors (endocrine disruption), reproduction toxicants (may harm fertility), developmental toxicants (may cause birth defects and other harm to the developing child), allergens, and other banned or restricted ingredients.

* Clearya is free.

* To keep Clearya unbiased, Clearya is funded by donations. Clearya is not affiliated with brands, and does not display ads.

* We respect your privacy. Clearya does not collect personal user information.

Contact us at: we’d love to hear your feedback.

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