Claw Machine + (Clawtopia)

Claw Machine + (Clawtopia)

Play real claw machines and win real prizes!

Claw Machine + (Clawtopia)
Claw Machine + (Clawtopia) Claw Machine + (Clawtopia) Claw Machine + (Clawtopia) Claw Machine + (Clawtopia) Claw Machine + (Clawtopia) Claw Machine + (Clawtopia) Claw Machine + (Clawtopia) Claw Machine + (Clawtopia) Claw Machine + (Clawtopia)

What is “Claw Machine + ?”
If you like playing crane games/online crane games, you should definitely try Claw Machine + !
Claw Machine + is an online crane game application that allows you to remotely control a real claw machine and win real prizes.
With a total of more than 2,000 prize items, and staff who are equipped to respond to inquiries 24 hours a day, we are waiting for you.

Features of Claw Machine +
Play the classic crane game of bridging and piling.
Practice a variety of claw machine games such as cliffhanger, recoil, and wobble games.
Enjoy popular arcade crane games/claw machines.
Practice popular claw machines anytime, anywhere with the app!
Experience the reward program: Earn EXP points by playing games and winning real prizes!
Level function: Level up according to the EXP points you earn! You also stand a chance to accumulate achievement rewards!
New prize items are added every day.Earn EXP points by playing the game and getting prizes.
You can practice as many times as you want in the 30 fully functional practice booths with stamina that recovers in time.
Realistic control of the crane game/claw machine.
You can practice the claw machine at any time on the practice tables, so you need not worry even if you are a beginner!

The game is recommended for people who:
-Love claw machines and play with them often.
-wish to operate claw machines online while controlling real mechanical claw machines.
-Want to enjoy claw machines at home or on the go.
-Desire to play with claw machines anytime and anywhere.
-Are intrigued by the idea of playing with online claw machines with ease and winning real prizes.
-Want to play with claw machines and get real prizes from the comfort of their homes.
-Wish to experience the thrill of winning real prizes in crane games.
-Like online claw machines that are easy to operate.
-Want to win stuffed animals and real prizes by crane game/claw machines.
-Want the real prizes delivered to your home
-Are looking for crane games/online crane games that even beginners can enjoy.
-Want to win some of your favorite prizes.
-Like online games.

About this version (2.04)

Fixed a bug that occurred when opening notifications

Other versions

2.02 released on 18 December 2021 (410 days ago)

Details and Recent Ratings

Size: 0 MB
Version: 2.04 by 株式会社神成
Updated: 09 May 2022 (268 days ago)
Released: 31 January 2022
Installations: more than 50 000
Claw Machine + (Clawtopia)
5 Stars: 642
4 Stars: 13
3 Stars: 27
2 Stars: 13
1 Star: 237

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