Classic Game Box

Classic Game Box

Play the 4 classic board games Mill Checkers Reversie and Connect four

Classic Game Box
Classic Game Box Classic Game Box Classic Game Box Classic Game Box Classic Game Box Classic Game Box Classic Game Box Classic Game Box Classic Game Box

This app in wooden design includes the famous board games: Nine Man Morris, Checkers, Reversie and Four in a Line that everyone should have played in his childhood.
Within the online multiplayer you can play the four games “Nine Man Morris”, “Checkers”, “Reversie” and “Four in a Line“ with your friends and compete against each other.
You also can prove your skills against random players all over the world. You have the choice between the following board games:

* Nine Man Morris
In the first phase nine pieces are alternately set on the board on empty points, which can be moved in the second phase.
If a player is able to place or move three of his pieces on contiguous points in a straight line, vertically or horizontally, he has formed a mill and may remove one of his opponent's pieces from the board.
The user can only remove pieces which are not in a mill.
If you only have 3 stones left than you can jump freely with them on any point on the board.
The player who takes away all stones except 2 of the opponents wins the game Nine Man Morris.

* Checkers
Everyone moves with one of his stones diagonally forward.
Jump over and collecting opposing pieces is duty.
If you arrive the other side, then your stone will be tuned into a king.
The King can move freely on the diagonal.
The player who has collected all the opponent's pieces wins the game Checkers.

* Reversie
Players put their stones alternately.
All opponent's pieces between the new stone und your old stones will be changed into yours.
The player with the most stones at the end wins the game Reversie.

* Four in a Line
Players put their stones alternately from bottom up.
The player who gets four stones in a row wins the game Four in a Line.

We hope you enjoy our 4 classic board games.
We would be glad to receive your feedback about our free online strategy games.
We wish you a lot of fun with a game of “Nine Man Morris”, “Checkers”, “Reversie” and “Four in a Line“.

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