Circles - Wear Watch face

Circles - Wear Watch face

Watchface for round Android Wear devices (like Motorola Moto 360 LG G Watch R).

Circles - Wear Watch face
Circles - Wear Watch face Circles - Wear Watch face

The watch face consists of up to 3 circles, each either displaying the current hour, minute, second or battery level. All circles are fully customizable (color, thickness, padding, length, gradient), however customization for the inner circle is limited in the free version.
Additionally, two lines of text can shown in the center, with even more information about the current time, like the day name or the date (or any other text).

To configure the watchface, open the "Android Wear" companion app and select the "Circles" watchface there.

About this version (1.2)

1.2: updated Android Wear library 1.1: added option for battery level circle 1.0.9: - changed default design - increases thickness of circles in ambient mode to 2px 1.0.8: Want to match your watchface's colors to your outfit? Easy: Just select the "extract color from photo" option in the new colorchooser interface, take a photo of yourself and select the correct color. You can now also copy & paste colors so that all the circles are exactly the same color (if you want to)

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Updated: 19 September 2016 (2719 days ago)
Released: 12 January 2015
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Circles - Wear Watch face
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