Cinemaniac - Movies To Watch

Cinemaniac - Movies To Watch

The definitive app for movie lovers!

Cinemaniac - Movies To Watch
Cinemaniac - Movies To Watch Cinemaniac - Movies To Watch Cinemaniac - Movies To Watch Cinemaniac - Movies To Watch Cinemaniac - Movies To Watch Cinemaniac - Movies To Watch Cinemaniac - Movies To Watch Cinemaniac - Movies To Watch

Has it ever happened that you were advised a movie, and you forget the title afterwards? Cinemaniac is your digital notebook, on which you can search, find and add in any moment any title of any movie you want to see.

You noticed an interesting movie at the cinema, but you're late, you're going to work or to the grocery store or to an important meeting? No panic: Cinemaniac is the solution for you! Add the title to the “Movies to watch” list in the app, and from there you can find it at any time: in the evening, on weekends, during leisure time, alone and in company.

You can see all the relevant details for any movie: plot, year of release, genre, length, trailer, cast, director, rating of users, production company, budgets, collections, similar movies and much more!

After seeing the movie, you can move it to the “Watched movies” list, and if you want you can leave your own personal grade.

If you need some inspiration you can browse through the various lists to find suggestions on the most popular and top rated movies. You can also refine your search by filtering movies by genre and year, according to your preferences. It will be easy for you to browse all the top rated movies, of your selected type. Moreover, if you often visit cinemas, you'll find a specific list relative to currently projected movies and upcoming titles.

It should be noted that this app does not offer streaming of copyrighted content

Relevant features:

★ 100% Material Design
★ Search for movies by title
★ Search for movies by a particular actor or director
★ Rate the movies you liked
★ View YouTube trailers
★ Add personal notes on your movies
★ Share the movies with your friends
★ Create your favorite movie list
★ Manage your custom categories
★ Stunning cover images for every movie
★ Browsing movie lists: popular, most voted, now playing and upcoming releases
★ Filter movies by year or genre, sort them by popularity, revenue or number of votes
★ Choose whether to include adult content
★ Change app theme and colors to suit your preferences
★ Know about the time spent watching movies
★ Statistics on your favorite genres and votes
★ Log in and sync your movies automatically

Constantly updated!

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3.5.3 released on 18 August 2020 (904 days ago)
3.5.2 released on 03 July 2020 (950 days ago)

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