Chocolate Candy Bars - Candy Games for Girls

Chocolate Candy Bars - Candy Games for Girls

Enjoy sweetist food and make chocolate cherries in candy makeup games.

Chocolate Candy Bars - Candy Games for Girls
Chocolate Candy Bars - Candy Games for Girls Chocolate Candy Bars - Candy Games for Girls Chocolate Candy Bars - Candy Games for Girls Chocolate Candy Bars - Candy Games for Girls

You can bake some chocolate candy and ice candy in this candy bar and chocolate bar. Candy maker in this candy games for girls can make round lolly and chocolate in different yummy flavor. Just come to our chocolate farm of the sweet games to learn how to become a little gumdrops candy maker and buy candy chocolat in candy shop!

Chocolate candy bars and kitchen candy game features:
1.Collect chocolate in candy bar and chocolate farm, and add some cotton candy and round lolly. You can experience candy fun and become a candy maker in this candy makeover game!
2.Oh my, I’ve got the delicious candies! I want sugar candy from candy shop and delicious candies of candy store. To experience the happy candy fantasy in chocolate factory with candy maker is so fun!
3. Makeup girls. I have a sweet tooth and I love candy apples and hocolate so much! I’d like to stay at chocolate farm or chocolate bar for a whole day to enjoy the candy fun and sweet games. I will be a sweet candy maker in free kids games for girls.
4.Sweets,time to take colorful candies challenge! Little lollipop maker, make some colorful candies and flavored bonbon to attend the food festival, I bet you’ll have a sweet sale of your kitchen candy!
5.Candy girl, join this happy candy kids games for girls now! You will know how to cook delicious candies and sweet tarts. You will be a professional food maker after you experienced the fun candy world. Start your chocolate game now!
6.Wow, there’s a lot of bonbon and easter candy in the sugar factory! I love bonbon candies & sweeties! Colorful candies and gummy candy can make pop maker happy, I will cook plenty of yammy candy for this happy candy world.
7.Little lollipop maker has different flavored bonbon candies in the sugar factory, which flavors are your favorite? I like soda flavor and chocolate berries best. But only the pop maker can make this bonbon candy. Candy maker, will you take the candy and fair food challenge to make the ice lolli or gummy bear? I bet you will win the sweet medals!
8.Unicorn chef, my cotton candy is running out! I want candy at once! Little candy maker, please buy me some sweets and candy sweet from the treat shop, I want soda flavor in kid games for girls.
9.Little ice lolly maker, time to make sweet & delicious candies. Add toffee, pearl and nut in hot chocolate. These are games for shaking as well, just shake it then put it into ice candy bars to cool it, and the sweet candy is done!
10.I know you’re a fair food maker of this candyland, but you’re always sugary cause you own a fun factory and ice candy bars. I believe we will have a perfect candy story together!

Join the games for free for girls right now, there’re lots of sweets in candy store, and those colorful candies can make you have happy sweet bones and sweet tooth. I can’t wait to eat those delicious candies, just download the candy games for girls now!

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