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Chinese Hearts

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Chinese Hearts
Chinese Hearts Chinese Hearts Chinese Hearts Chinese Hearts Chinese Hearts Chinese Hearts

Chinese Hearts or Gong Zhu is a Chinese four-player trick-taking card game, and is a Chinese version of the game Hearts. It differs from the standard Hearts game by assigning special point values to cards:
* J♦ (sheep) is worth +100 points
* Q♠ (pig) is worth -100 points
* 10♣ (transformer) counts as zero points, but doubles your points at the end of a round and adds it to your accumulated points. If at the end of a round, a player has the 10 of clubs and no other point cards, the 10 of clubs is worth +50 points.
* The Hearts are worth -200 points in total:
* Ace -50 points
* King -40 points
* Queen -30 points
* Jack -20 points
* 10 through 5 are worth -10 points
* 4 through 2 are worth no points

The objective of the game is to score positive points and avoid penalty points. Gong Zhu means: Chase the Pig, for "pig" is the name given to the Q♠.
All players start with 0 points. The goal is to not be the first person to go past -1000 points (thus losing the game). The loser(s) becomes the pig, as Gong Zhu means "chase the pig" in Chinese. All points accumulate until any player(s) have lost, for which the game ends and all points will be reset to 0. The player with the lowest accumulated score wins the game.

There is no passing in Gong Zhu like there is in Western Hearts. The full set of rules can be found in the Help section.

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* Supports tablets.
* 2 difficulty levels
* Auto-save and resume game
* App2Sd support.

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