Chefclub - Anyone can be a chef!

Chefclub - Anyone can be a chef!

Extraordinary recipes with regular ingredients!

 Chefclub - Anyone can be a chef!
 Chefclub - Anyone can be a chef!  Chefclub - Anyone can be a chef!  Chefclub - Anyone can be a chef!  Chefclub - Anyone can be a chef!  Chefclub - Anyone can be a chef!  Chefclub - Anyone can be a chef!

Chefclub already has over 75 million followers on social media and now it's your turn to find out why! We make extraordinary recipes with ordinary ingredients that anyone can make! Maybe you've seen our famous cheese pulls in your Facebook feed or our signature flowing chocolate on Instagram but with our app you'll get insider access to all of your favorite Chefclub food moments.

This app brings the Chefclub video to life!
* Find recipes and videos for each of our 5 themes Original Cocktails Light & Fun Kids and Daily.

* Access ingredient lists and easy-to-follow recipes that allow you to recreate Chefclub videos in your kitchen.

* Save your favorite recipes for later.

* Search for recipes by name and keyword

*Find all the corresponding recipes to your Chefclub cookbooks thanks to the handy QR scanner!

5 Themes 5 Unique Universes

We have something for everyone! Original is made for cheese lovers chocolate enthusiasts and those looking for comforting recipes with a fun twist. Cocktails is made for the life of the party the people always looking to host the best soiree. Light & Fun is for folks who want to eat great while exploring healthy options. Finally Chefclub Kids brings you cute easy recipes the whole family can enjoy!

Connect the Chefclub Cookbooks
Did you buy the Kiddoz cookbook? You're in luck the strange symbols inside are QR codes. Simply scan them from this app and you'll have exclusive access to the recipe videos from the book. You can even save the recipes from the book in the app to make finding them at the grocery store (or anywhere) a breeze.

Chefclub in the Palm of Your Hand

All your favorite Chefclub recipes new and old will be just a few taps away - no matter where you are! And if you're in the mood for something new all you have to do is search by keyword and you'll find a new favorite in a flash.

The Chefclub Community

We're proud that our small team of 50 comes from all around the world to work at our Paris office every day we strive to bring EATertainment into your lives and we hope this app does just that. Everything we do is thanks to you your feedback messages and comments matter so much to us. We love how committed and dedicated the Chefclub community is so never hesitate to give us feedback we're always here to listen!

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 Chefclub - Anyone can be a chef!
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