Charades Family Game

Charades Family Game

The best party charade game to play with friends

Charades Family Game
Charades Family Game Charades Family Game Charades Family Game Charades Family Game Charades Family Game

Cats Up 🐱 - Free Charade Game for Family & Friends is the ultimate heads up and trivia game that’s guaranteed to sponsor the best evenings with your friends πŸ‘« and family πŸ‘ͺ. Guess what am I πŸ€”! All you have to do is try to guess the word on the card that’s on your forehead by listening and watching your friends delivering the performances of their lives πŸ’ƒ.

How to play
Start the app with your smartphone
Usually play the game with a group of family member or friends
People will act/speak Person who held the phone over his head will guess the words
If correct flip the card up if wrong flip the card down
Play for 1 minute the result will show.

Decks include
- TV Shows & Movies πŸ“Ί
- Animal Kingdom 🦁
- Guess the Flower 🌻
- Guess the food πŸ₯˜
- Country πŸ—ΊοΈ
- Famous People πŸ‘©β€πŸŽ€
- Science πŸ’‘
- Landmarks and Destinations πŸ“
- Food Nation 🍲
.... and many more ‼️

Cats Up - Free Charade Game for Family & Friends game is just like a Guess Show - this free game app is a typical charades type of game that we all love πŸ’– ! It is one of the joyous challenging enjoyable and interactive multi-player activity games that you should not miss πŸ‘.

It is created for the enjoyment of friends family members colleagues teammates during any events gathering or celebration πŸ₯³. Having fun and try your imagination and dramatic skills to show the words on flipside display on the phone with your friends teammates πŸ‘« or family πŸ‘ͺ to make the right guesses of the words displayed.

Enjoy the exciting and wonderful times with Guess Show - Word or Character fun game app and enhance the relationships with people you like with this awesome game. Be ready for the action! It’s cool fun and it’s absolutely FREE πŸ‘Š!

Download For Free Cats Up 🐱 - Free Charade Game for Family & Friends game right now. Challenging players in trivia and creativity your next party reunion or family game night will never be the same 🀩. Great with groups and used as an icebreaker! Never go bored again when you are hanging out with friends πŸ’ƒ.


About this version (1.5.3)

Praise for all the feedbacks that we received, we just unleashed our new version of Cats Up with improvements in both speed and reliability. Pesky bugs have been also exterminated. We hope that this update will give you better experience. Enjoy! Let us know if you like this latest version at

Details and Recent Ratings

Size: 36 MB
Version: 1.5.3 by Simya Solutions Ltd.
Updated: 25 January 2021 (34 days ago)
Released: 13 September 2017
Installations: more than 50 000
Charades Family Game
5 Stars: 223
4 Stars: 34
3 Stars: 41
2 Stars: 26
1 Star: 52

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