Chakra Healing - Tibetan Bowls

Chakra Healing - Tibetan Bowls

Sound healing meditation. Empower - Relax - Sleep

Chakra Healing - Tibetan Bowls
Chakra Healing - Tibetan Bowls Chakra Healing - Tibetan Bowls Chakra Healing - Tibetan Bowls Chakra Healing - Tibetan Bowls Chakra Healing - Tibetan Bowls

Meditation app made by dedicated yoga practitioners. Scientifically proven ancient methods for stress relief, self-healing, relaxation, meditation, sleeping…

Unlike other meditation apps that use repetitive binaural beats therapy, we offer a mesmerizing E-Guru that guides you with the sounds of Tibetan singing bowls.

🧘Usage (open or closed eyes with headset or speakers, optional: Bluetooth speaker on the plexus area)
✴ At work or while studying for more focus and concentration
✴ At home for relaxation and better sleep or simply to boost positive mood and health
✴ During a yoga class for optimal experience of calmness and better synchronization of the body mind spirit…
✴ Outdoor - turn the favorite spot into sound self-healing temple
✴ Facing with stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, sleep disorder, burnout, tension, migraine, high blood pressure or other life challenges or simply want to improve your well-being.
With Chakra Healing you can tune into the healing frequencies and do chakra cleansing any time, anywhere and for any reason.

🎧Healing binaural sounds
Each chakra has its own specific energies that correspond with human qualities and behaviors.
Each chakra corresponds to one of 7 Solfeggio tones.
Vibration stimuli your physical and more subtle bodies. Your cells, atoms...
Change the way they vibrate and raise to higher vibrations of love, wisdom, intuition, abundance, immunity, wellbeing…

🏮Self-realization programs that will help you develop different qualities: Health, Eroticism, Wisdom, Creativity, Charisma, Courage, Focus, Sexual mastership and many more.

📓Daily Quotes
Carefully selected daily quotes will make sure you are always motivated to improve yourself and reach your goals.

📿Personal Affirmation
Affirmations are exercises, repetitions of the positive vision of ourselves. When performed with full emotional engagement can reprogram our patterns so, we begin to act – differently. Setting your personal affirmation will remind you and help you stay focused on your goals.

Scheduled Reminder
Taking time for yourself is very productive! Set the timer to get a notification for your next chakra cleansing, or to meditate, relax, breathe or sleep.

📈Graphical Time Tracking will raise your awareness of how much time you dedicated to yourself.

This app is not intended to replace the real Sound Bath Ritual, but rather to transform your mobile into a helpful meditation and healing tool for everyday use.
For more info or ordering a Tibetan singing bowl please visit:
All sounds used in this application are recorded with a variety of high-quality Tibetan bowls.

Stimulation of the chakras with vibration is known as mantra yoga.
More about chakras and their specific energies and how it is connected with a human body and soul read in book Komaja (A.A.Makaja)
If you are interested in a deeper understanding and wisdom beyond the physical frequencies please refer to Komaja Kundalini Tantra Yoga

More info at

📌Tired from mindfulness bell!? Go Zen (be minimalist). The way of Buddha! Free your body mind spirit!


About this version (2.9.9)

New feature - Advanced Reminder for your daily notifications with personal affirmations. UI fixes for fold devices.

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2.8.3 released on 13 November 2021 (444 days ago)
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1.0.76 released on 18 June 2020 (957 days ago)

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Chakra Healing - Tibetan Bowls
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