Chakra Healing - Tibetan Bowls

Chakra Healing - Tibetan Bowls

AI guru - Empower & harmonize! Meditation with sounds of ancient Tibetan bowls

Chakra Healing - Tibetan Bowls
Chakra Healing - Tibetan Bowls Chakra Healing - Tibetan Bowls Chakra Healing - Tibetan Bowls Chakra Healing - Tibetan Bowls Chakra Healing - Tibetan Bowls

App made by yogis and yoginis. Use it for healing sessions relaxation meditation...
At home office or on the bench in the park give yourself at least 5 minutes break.
APP is free NO ADS.

Ancient knowledge intersected with a contemporary experience of kundalini tantra meditation and psychophonic practice distilled into an "AI guru" will guide you in meditation with sounds of Ancient Tibetan Bowls.

Recommended way of using the app - closed eyes with headset or speakers.

We created 20 specific programs for your self-culture. Develop different qualities Health Eroticism Wisdom Creativity Charisma Sexual mastership...

Other Features
- graphical detailed time tracking
- personal Affirmation
- scheduled reminder
- daily quote-aphorism

APP can additionally help if you have
- sleeping problems
- boring meditation
- focus distraction
And it is a "Must have" if you want to become Ultra Spiritual -)

How sound healing works
Each chakra has its own specific energies that correspond with human qualities and behaviors.
Each chakra corresponds to one of 7 tones.
Sound vibration stimuli your physical and more subtle bodies.
Your cells atoms... Change the way they vibrate!

This app is not intended to replace the real Sound Bath Ritual but rather to transform your mobile into a helpful meditation and healing tool for everyday use.
For more info or ordering a bowl please visit

All sounds used in this application are recorded with a variety of high-quality Tibetan bowls.

Stimulation of the chakras with sounds is known as mantra yoga.
More about chakras and their specific energies and how it is connected with a human body and soul read in book Komaja (A.A.Makaja)
If you are interested in a deeper understanding and wisdom behind the sounds please refer to Psychophonics or Komajas Mantra-Yoga (http//

About this version (2.6.2)

We take care of our users so we improve our app regularly

Other versions

2.4.8 released on 30 December 2020 (65 days ago)
1.2.2 released on 28 September 2020 (158 days ago)
1.2.1 released on 19 September 2020 (167 days ago)
1.1.8 released on 11 September 2020 (175 days ago)
1.1.4 released on 08 August 2020 (209 days ago)
1.0.76 released on 18 June 2020 (260 days ago)

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Size: 64 MB
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Updated: 02 February 2021 (31 days ago)
Released: 21 November 2019
Installations: more than 10 000
Chakra Healing - Tibetan Bowls
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