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BITCADE Podcast Player

Listen Subscribe Engage and Monetize all in one Premium Podcast App.

BITCADE Podcast Player
BITCADE Podcast Player BITCADE Podcast Player BITCADE Podcast Player BITCADE Podcast Player BITCADE Podcast Player BITCADE Podcast Player BITCADE Podcast Player BITCADE Podcast Player BITCADE Podcast Player

BITCADE is more than just a Podcast Player, and is packed with User/Creator profile and social features, Podcast Monetization opportunity, and Community elements. BITCADE is built by Podcasters for Podcasters and Listeners!

Marketplace 1.0 is LIVE! 
- Podcasters can now claim their shows to get instantly verified, and then monetize their audio and video bonus content within their Podcast Bonus Gallery. This is a net-new path to podcast monetization that doesn’t exist in any other Podcast app!

All users can purchase and trade Clix tokens to unlock bonus content!
- Users who trade Clix Tokens to Creators can unlock bonus content to enjoy.

Creators now have the option to list Season Passes in their Bonus Galleries!
- Priced to include all bonus content and giveaways for the duration of the Pass, users can trade tokens to Creators to access all their bonus content for 3 or 6 months!

Integrated BITCADE Audio/Video Player
- For the first time in any app, you can seamlessly move between audio and video content in unlocked bonus content listings and playlists. Videos can be downloaded, just like audio, and can also be played in the background!

Podcast Player 1.0 Features include:
- Search, Subscribe, Download and add your new episodes to your Playlist for easy access
- See recently released episodes easily
- Create a personal profile and connect with other Listeners and Creators.
- Podcasters can claim their RSS feeds using a secure process and their claim will be visible on their Podcast profile.
- EVERY Creator who has claimed a show/RSS Feed will get the "Verified Creator" checkmark.
- Animated features give the listening experience a premium look and feel
- Connect with your favorite Creators and find out when they start a new project

Upcoming Features include:
- Podcaster NFT/Badge Creation
- Connections to Podcast Social Media profiles
- Reviews
- Cosmetic Badges with Affiliate offers built in
- Badges for Listener Recognition
- Live links to other Creators on the Platform from User profiles (Grow your Podcast network or move your established network of Creators onto the Platform!)
- Space to share what you're listening to and cross-promote

Login to access all of our extra features and to unlock bonuses by supporting your favorite Indie podcasts!

- We enjoy getting feedback and recos, so please send us a message at with any asks or input.


About this version (2.0.0)

- Rebrand - Fix UI issue on episode play screen - Fix downloaded episode remove issue

Other versions

1.6.6 released on 30 November 2021 (173 days ago)
1.6.5 released on 31 August 2021 (264 days ago)

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BITCADE Podcast Player
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