Catch! Ping AR

Catch! Ping AR

TeeniePings are here! Catch them now! Piripiri catchring! Into the cube~!

Catch! Ping AR
Catch! Ping AR Catch! Ping AR Catch! Ping AR Catch! Ping AR Catch! Ping AR Catch! Ping AR Catch! Ping AR

The TeeniePings who caused a ruckus at Harmony Village are now here!
They are causing a commotion with pranks here, too!
Hurry! Transform into a princess with Catch! Ping AR, find the TeeniePings and send them to the Emotion Kingdom!

♥ TeeniePing Catch ♥
- Find and catch the TeeniePings hidden everywhere!
- Look around and find hidden TeeniePings and touch Teenie Heartwings!
- An intense battle with TeeniePings after transforming into a magical princess!
※ Each princess is more powerful against specific TeeniePings! Choose a princess that's right for the job!
- Piri Piri Catchring~! Send the TeeniePing you caught into the cube!

♥ Curious about the TeeniePings you've caught? Cube Collection ♥
- The TeeniePings caught in fierce battle are kept in the cube.
- Check out more information on the TeeniePings you've caught in the cube collection, and carefully take them out again!
- Call your TeeniePings with AR and create a fond memory by making a video together~!

♥ TeeniePing House, a place for Royal TeeniePings! ♥
- A royal TeeniePing who helps Romi transform into a princess! This is their secret place!
- The TeeniePing House that was only available in toy stores is now on your smartphone!
- You can use AR to bring up the TeeniePing House right in front of your eyes!

♥ Emotion Kingdom ♥
- Want to see the TeeniePings who returned to the Emotion Kingdom? Now, it's our turn to go play!
- Emotion Kingdom, where you can enjoy a variety of interactive objects!
With 360-degree imaging, let's take a look around the Emotion Kingdom.

Please read the following before you play Catch! Ping AR!
1. Catch! Ping AR is only available on devices that support AR Core.
2. AR is used in [TeeniePing Catch], [Cube Collection] and [TeeniePing House AR].
AR may cause you to collide with nearby objects and the surrounding environment. If this app is used by a child, consent and supervision by a guardian, such as a parent, are required.
3. If you want a refund for products purchased through in-app purchase (IAP), please be sure to read the precautions below.
Because in-app products are digital content, refund claims (withdrawal of subscription) may be restricted.
> A full refund can be made if you request it within 7 days of purchasing the product and it has not been used. However, refunds will be declined if the product has already been used.
If an in-app purchase was made by a minor without the consent of his/her legal guardian, such as a parent, the purchase can be refunded only once.
To prevent indiscriminate in-app purchases by minors such as children, please be sure to activate security settings such as verification and password for payments.
4. The following permissions are required to smoothly play Catch! Ping AR.
Camera - Space recognition and video recording through ARCore
Storage - Save recorded video
Microphone - Record audio while shooting video

Please send your inquiries about refunds or other matters to the email address below!


About this version (0.0.110)

2 New Contents Are Available! - Play with caught Teeniepings! 'Teenieping Volleyball'! - Make your own video with Romi, 'Romi AR'!

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Catch! Ping AR
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