Catalogue Business

Catalogue Business

The Catalogue Business App is designed to promote medium to small businesses.

Catalogue Business
Catalogue Business Catalogue Business Catalogue Business Catalogue Business

About Catalogue Business App
Catalogue Business (Catalog) App is designed to promote medium to small entrepreneurs.
It digitally supports Vocal for Local.
It is easy to access as a one-page application. Customers can easily get all the information at one place.
โ˜… Create Catalogue(Catalog) : User can create multiple catalogues (Catalogs)
โ˜… Share with Customer: Seller can send catalogues (Catalogs) information
very easily.
โ˜… Use can search area/ pin code wise catalogues (Catalogs).
โ˜… Direct Contact between Sellers and Customers.
Users can Search and Create all types of Online Catalogues including Service Catalogue, Brochures, Product Catalogue, Menus, Card Catalogue, Business-to-Business catalogues, Retail Catalogues, Manufacturer-supported Catalogues, General Catalogues, Consumer Catalogues.

How to Use Catalogue Business App
โฆ Creating Business Catalogues:
Create Catalogues.
Place your products in the catalogue.
Add a description and Images.
Start receiving customer orders.

โฆ Using Business Catalogues:
Search area/ pin code wise catalogues.
Select Service or Products.
View Details and Images
Contact Catalogue Owner directly through this App

Key Features:
โœ“ Create Unlimited Catalogues
โœ“ List unlimited Products
โœ“ Add Items, Menus and its variants
โœ“ Add and update Service and products
โœ“ You can add details like name, description and adding multiple images
โœ“ Add and update all details related to product with product images
โœ“ Easy to Search item by name, description or by company
โœ“ Quick, Easy and user-friendly app
โœ“ Can Share product and its details and images at one click
โœ“ Receive messages from customers
โœ“ Customers can search catalogues area/ pin code wise

Key Benefits:
โฆ Direct contact between sellers and customers
โฆ Increase recognition builds customer loyalty
โฆ App makes the sales and business growth
โฆ Efficient tool for customer engagement
โฆ Promote your business


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Updated: 12 April 2021 (65 days ago)
Released: 15 November 2020
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Catalogue Business
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