Cat Run

Cat Run

Cute cat and kitten runner game. Enjoy new adventure with friend cats for free!

Cat Run
Cat Run Cat Run Cat Run Cat Run Cat Run Cat Run Cat Run

* Run different stages with the goal. This is not an endless game.
* Unique running game. Each time you clear a level, the cat runs faster. Try at a faster speed.
* Stage where two cats run together.
* Double jump.
* Super cute cat and kitten runners.
* Dog as enemy.
* Totally free.

How to play:
* Swipe left or right to move left or right.
* Swipe up to jump.
* Swipe up while jumping to do a double jump.
* Swipe down to separate cats (stage2 only)

Stages and characters will be added in the updates.


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Released: 11 August 2017
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Cat Run
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