The first male selfie camera.Show men's charm and enhance men's image


CAMHOMME, is the BeautyCamera team specially to create the first men selfie APP! Help boys shoot better photos to enhance self-image, get more social identity, become better men. Provide male portrait function, trend filter, composition, video shooting script, automatic segmentation music, shooting tutorials, so you can take a nice photo for a second!

- Why use CAMHOMME -

- Show the charm of men: you can shoot your own characteristics
- Become a master: you can shoot through the tutorial, advanced to become a selfie master, but also a great shooter for your girlfriend
- You can choose many boys style filters such as: street tide, sports sunshine, fresh arts, black and white fashion etc.
- Exclusive Portrait: You can clean your face, regulate healthy wheat or clean skin, fine tune three facial contours
- Composition: You can easily complete a variety of selfie through the composition line, couple photo, party photo, pet photo and so on
- Recording Highlights: You can select the recording feature when using the composition line and will automatically record the wonderful moments when you take pictures.
- Video Script: You can easily shoot a short video of music in life, travel and other scenes by using video script tips.
- Video Music: You can choose cheerful and dynamic music before shooting, and the system will automatically segment for you according to the rhythm of the music.
- Light & Shadow Effects: You can add sunshine, light leakage, smoke and other special effects to your photos, enhance the texture of the photo
- Attitude Copy: You can add a variety of attitude copy to your photos and express yourself to the world
- Online Filter Store: You can download more filters, light effect, attitude copy.
- Graffiti write: you can write and graffiti the photo, show your art talent
- Photo editing: you can edit your photos with more advanced editing features.
- Save: you can quickly save to the APP album or Phone album, one action to share to friends circle, WeChat friends, Weibo, QQ space, QQ friends, Instagram, Twitter, Zaiyiqi social platform
- More features: support for shooting and focus separation, timing shooting, night fill light, touch screen shooting, photo frame selection and other functions

- CAMHOMME - Be a better man -
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About this version (3.11.0)

[Latest Update] 1. Optimize the use process of video template 2. Video clip supports sticker function 3. Support retouch draft 4. Supports viewing used templates

Other versions

3.10.0 released on 27 July 2021 (856 days ago)
3.9.2 released on 04 June 2021 (909 days ago)

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Updated: 11 October 2021 (780 days ago)
Released: 07 August 2017
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