Callbreak Multiplayer - Online Card Game

Callbreak Multiplayer - Online Card Game

Fast and Super Fun Call Break Multiplayer Online Card Game with Intelligent Bots

Callbreak Multiplayer - Online Card Game
Callbreak Multiplayer - Online Card Game Callbreak Multiplayer - Online Card Game Callbreak Multiplayer - Online Card Game Callbreak Multiplayer - Online Card Game

An intelligent, fast and fun card game that you can play online against other players or offline against bots (AI). With private rooms feature, you can even take on your friends and family in a game of wits and chance with this callbreak multiplayer card game.

About Call Break:

Call break is a popular card game played in many countries around the world with a large following in India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Brazil, US and Canada. Call break is also known by various other names around the world: Lakdi or Lakadi (लकड़ी) in parts of India, Callbire or Golkhandi (कल्बिरे / गोलखांडि) in Nepal, Spades and Call Bridge.


1. Online multiplayer
2. Private rooms to invite your real world friends
3. Intelligent competitive bots in offline mode
4. Rejoin option after connection loss
5. Intuitive user experience
6. Lightweight card games

Call Break Card Game Rules:

1. The game is played with 52 cards of a standard deck distributed equally among 4 players for 5 rounds.
2. After the cards are distributed each player should make a call indicating the predicted tricks that the current hand can win.
3. The player right to the dealer has to throw first and each player has to throw a card of the same suit as the first thrower with the intention that the card has to win all cards available on the table for the trick. If the player has no cards of the trick suit, a trump card (spade card) has to be thrown. If there are no available spade cards to win the table, any card can be thrown.
4. The point are based on the points called and the tricks won. It can be summarized as:
a. If number of tricks won is less than the score called the player gets the negative of the score call as points.
b. If number of tricks won is greater than the score called, the points are given as 0.1 increments i.e if the call is 3 and 6 tricks are won, 3.3 points will be awarded.

Enhancement for Friend Match:

The regular rules of single games are still valid for friend match, but there are special rules that are defined for the friend room as a whole which includes all the games played in the room so far. Some of the enhancements are:

1. Room points are given based on the ran of the player in that particular game
1st => +6 points
2nd => -1 points
3rd => -2 points
4th => -3 points

2. If the total points of winner is higher than 20, points are doubled for that game.
3. If any player has negative score at the end of the game, points for that player is doubled and extra points is added to the winning player.


About this version (0.5.4)

Minor bug fixes Added new features Performance improvements

Other versions

0.4.9 released on 26 October 2021 (32 days ago)

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Callbreak Multiplayer - Online Card Game
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