Call Verify - Call Scanner, Legit Check App

Call Verify - Call Scanner, Legit Check App

No More Caller ID Spoofing - Block Unknown Numbers With Call Verify

Call Verify - Call Scanner, Legit Check App
Call Verify - Call Scanner, Legit Check App Call Verify - Call Scanner, Legit Check App Call Verify - Call Scanner, Legit Check App Call Verify - Call Scanner, Legit Check App Call Verify - Call Scanner, Legit Check App Call Verify - Call Scanner, Legit Check App

Verified Robocall Killer

When our phone starts ringing, we just don’t know what to expect anymore. Eagerly, we answer it expecting to hear from a loved one, recruiters from a job we applied to, or at least any real person. How often are we disappointed to hear a machine on the other end of the line? It’s time for a robocall blocker that can put an end to this once and for all.

Introducing Call Verify - the call blocker app that will ensure you receive verified calls only! Call Verify is an efficient call blocker that only allows a real caller to reach you by phone. Now you get a chance to weave out all the unnecessary robocalls and stop telemarketing phone calls. Call Verify understands the true meaning of “do not disturb”, and with this app, it’s easier than ever. It’s easy to set up because its job is to be a phone number tracker designed to understand your trusted phone numbers by monitoring your contacts, call log, and dialed outgoing call data. When getting an incoming call, the app does a phone number lookup with your trusted contact list to determine whether the caller is verified or not, and any callers that aren’t from a real person are automatically blocked.

For those in need of a spam call blocker

Call Verify is a blocker spy simply for people who don’t want unnecessary phone calls in their life. Although the app has its own authentication process, you have total control to manually block unknown calls. Block and report any human telemarketers and possible scammers that may pass the authentication code. The app will remember these numbers so they can never reach you again, this way you don't get bothered and you have scam protection from a list of numbers that can no longer reach you.


Detect - As your default caller ID and spam app, Call Verify will directly detect and reject spam calls.

Verify - Calls you receive will be verified through our authentication process. Callers from phone numbers that aren’t trusted are required to enter a code to reach you through a CAPTCHA test. Call Verify is your phone’s very own spam filter as it blocks every robot.

Block Spam Calls Free - Manually block and report any scam call numbers you know of already.

Snooze - Temporarily disable the verification test with snooze. If you’re expecting a call from an unknown number or a private call, hit the snooze button to save them from the authentication process.

Auto-Verify - We assume you don’t call robots. New numbers you call will be added to your verified list so that return callers won’t be tested.

Caller ID - Be notified that an incoming call is verified by the app.

Ultimate phone number blocker

We are committed to your privacy, never hear from a robot or a blocked number ever again with Call Verify. While other call blockers take a bit of time monitoring robot calling behavior, Call Verify is the best anti scam app that does it’s own phone number search and it works the moment you enable it. We want to give you the peace you deserve, new callers must enter a code to ring your phone.

Download Call Verify now! It would be a smart call!

Start your 7-day free trial today and enjoy the peace and quiet.

Available for AT&T, T-Mobile, U.S Cellular, and Verizon customers operating Android 6 or later.

Voicemail supported: AT&T, T-Mobile and U.S. Cellular.

Voicemail disabled: Verizon and legacy Sprint devices.

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Call Verify - Call Scanner, Legit Check App
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