Cafe Racer

Cafe Racer

Unique low poly endless motorcycle racing, filter through realistic traffic Ai

 Cafe Racer
 Cafe Racer  Cafe Racer  Cafe Racer  Cafe Racer  Cafe Racer  Cafe Racer  Cafe Racer

PiguinSoft presents Cafe Racer Enjoy endless motorcycle racing unique low poly graphics insane degree of customization. No timers no fuel bars no limits.

A realistically portrayed first person experience in a simplified world that lets you focus on what really matters - riding.

Ride your motorcycle in one or two way roads swerve and filter between realistically moving traffic through cities country roads and desert environments. All in glorious Low-Poly lack of detail.

Pick from a variety of motorcycles from small 125cc single cylinder bikes to powerfull in line fours with boxer and in-line two cylinder motorcycles there for your chosing.

Customize your motorcycle to your heart's content changing anything from handlebars and mirrors to exhausts and wheels. And when you are done paint them in the color combination of your liking - you can even paint the frame! - and share their pictures to show your creativity.

Cafe Racer - a different breed of endless racing

• Tilt SlideTouch and Gamepad control options
• Use up arrow to accelerate and down arrow to brake
• Press the middle edges of the screen to look around

• The faster you ride the faster your score will rise
• When driving over 100 kmh close overtakes will yield extra bonus points
• Three difficulty levels - bigger danger bigger rewards
• If you can manage it try to find alternative routes - bonus points await for high speed
• If you hear a horn try to move aside - a car is behind you and it might just run you over

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Cafe Racer will be updated regularly with more content and optimizations. Don't forget to leave a review with your feedback.


About this version (1.081.51)

v1.081.5 Changes: - Google Play save games functionality is finally here - The invisible walls that loved to frequent tunnel entrances have been given a stern talking to and moved to a secure location - Dramamine administered, no more blurry vision after riding long distances - Counter on customization items to find your favorite parts easier - Faster loading times when completely offline - Performance improvements - Stability and bug fixes

Details and Recent Ratings

Size: 51 MB
Version: 1.081.51 by PiguinSoft
Updated: 30 May 2020 (145 days ago)
Released: 13 September 2016
Installations: more than 5 000 000
 Cafe Racer
5 Stars: 80424
4 Stars: 18328
3 Stars: 7291
2 Stars: 2679
1 Star: 6643

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