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Program for learning foreign words dictionaries by Ebbinghaus methodics.

BX Memo
BX Memo BX Memo BX Memo BX Memo BX Memo BX Memo BX Memo BX Memo BX Memo BX Memo

Learning of new words is based on demonstration of a task and offering variants for answer where only one variant is correct.
Three methods of learning are offered: Variant, Mosaic, and Spelling.

A foreign word is the task. Variants for answers are the translations of various words.
The program gives you points for correct answers. In case of incorrect answers the program reduces the number of points got. You can get a hint, but no points will be added or your points will be reset to zero. Options of the points system are available for the user.

The task is completed only when a certain number of points is got. The program allows switching-on the mode of long-term repetition by Hermann Ebbinghaus and Sebastian Leitner methodics. In this case the words are considered as conditionally learned and are given as additional task for repetition in 1 day, then in 2 days, then in 4 days. If all tasks given for repetition are successfully completed the word is considered as fully learned.

The mode of long-term repetition operates together with the mode of forgetting words “Ice hill”: if the user misses lessons for a long time, the status of repetition is reduced, and the word may finally move to the status of unlearned.
The program keeps the statistics of expired in time or incorrectness of answers thereby allowing to identify difficult words. The program allows to repeat difficult words or learn them again. The user may set all the parameters of the repetition and forgetting system.

Sound pronunciation of tasks is allowed by switching on the sound file catalogues in mp3 and ogg formats, sae libraries, TTS synthesizers, as well as with the help of Google Online translator.

The program allows uploading additional dictionaries from the program web-site.
The program supports uploading additional dictionaries in 46 languages.
About 200 dictionaries in many European and Asian languages is available for free uploading in the program web-site.
The program allows simultaneous learning of several dictionaries, including dictionaries in different languages. Switching to the newt selected dictionary is possible at the end of the current lesson.

The program is a mobile application to BX Language acquisition program. All users of BX Language acquisition program may set their users dictionaries to be further used in the mobile version of BX Memo program. The algorithm of study and the statistics are fully compliant with the version of BX Language acquisition v7.0 program.
The user may unload the statistics from the program used for Windows and upload it in the program used for Android and vice versa.

The program allows adjusting the interface and work comfortably with smartphones and tablets. Both horizontal and vertical orientation of the tablet or smartphone may be adjusted.

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Compatible with Android 11

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3.4.7 released on 10 November 2020 (346 days ago)

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