Business Fiverr For Buyers

Business Fiverr For Buyers

Instantly Search Fiverr Services Browse Categories Calculate Fee and More...

Business Fiverr For Buyers
Business Fiverr For Buyers Business Fiverr For Buyers Business Fiverr For Buyers Business Fiverr For Buyers Business Fiverr For Buyers Business Fiverr For Buyers Business Fiverr For Buyers Business Fiverr For Buyers Business Fiverr For Buyers Business Fiverr For Buyers Business Fiverr For Buyers Business Fiverr For Buyers Business Fiverr For Buyers Business Fiverr For Buyers

Fiverr Business App

This simple and lite-weight app quickly search for services you are looking for your business. If you are an individual buyer then you can benefits from this app too. You can also easily calculate how much you pay for fiverr order or service, your seller revenue and fiverr fees.

After quick search about what you are looking for, you can hire freelancer or place order after choosing right service on the spot (by simple clicks).

This app is only for Business and individual buyer who are searching for freelancers, Services and Fiverr Gigs. If you are a Freelancer then don't download this app.

App Features

* Very Fast and Lite-Weight
* Quickly Browse Services and Categories
* Calculate Expense and Fiverr Fee For Buyers and Businesses
* User Guide For New Buyers
* Best Solution For Business Looking For Online Digital Services

Note: You don't need any account on Fiverr to search for services, browsing categories or viewing Gigs. But you need an account to place any order. Using this app is completely free and App does not contain any ads. If you are new to fiverr, first read fiverr guide within app to best understand about fiverr.

If you are looking for professional services for your business then you can search these services on App's Fiverr Pro Section where you will find a lot of pro services ready for delivered to your business.

Digital Services Available On Fiverr

You can search wide variety of services. Fiverr has almost all types of services on earth which includes but not limited to these:

>>> Graphics and Design (Such as Logo Design, Poster, Broacher, Illustration, Flyer, Book Cover, Web, Mobile Design and More)
>>> Digital Marketing Services. (Such as Social Media Marketing SMM, SEO, Content Marketing, Article Writing, Video Marketing, SEM, Email Marketing etc)
>>> Writing and Translation Services. (Such as Article and Blog Writing, Translation, Online Lessons, Copy-writing, Sales Letters, Legal Writing, Technical, Creative Wring and More..)
>>> Video and Animation Services. (These services includes Whiteboard Animations, Logo Animations, Character Animation 2D or 3D, Video Editing, Demo Video, Testimonials and dozens of other Video Services)
>>> Music and Audio Services. (Mixing, Noise Removal, Production and other services)
>>> Programming and Technology Services. (Web Development, Wordpress, PHP, App Development, Ecommerce, Shopify, Woocommerce, Website Fixing, Bug Fixing, Landing Page Creation Services and Many Others)
>>> Business Services. (Data Entry, Virtual Assistants, Business Consulting, Business Plans and HR Consulting, Market Research and List Continues...)
>>> Other Services Which are Not Included Here But you can find and search on this Fiverr Business App including Fiverr Pro Services

What is Fiverr and Fiverr Pro?

Fiverr contains two types of services which are Simple Services and Pro Services. Boths services have gigs made by top freelancers but Fiverr Pro is business oriented and contains premium gigs and hand vetted business quality services. Every gig on fiverr pro is approved by fiverr team after careful reviewing buyers abilities and skills targeting businesses.
While Simple Gig or Gigs are less pricey and best suitable for individual sellers.
Small businesses can use both services depending on their requirements.

This app is made very simple and straightforward, if you have any suggestion you can always email your suggestions to our developer email address we are open to your suggestions. We will always try to help you out.

About this version (1.0)

Fast Search Browse Categories Calculate Fiverr Fee Within App Guide For New Users More...

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Released: 12 June 2020
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Business Fiverr For Buyers
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