BRICK Breaker : ATOM

BRICK Breaker : ATOM

Astro Boy! Stop the Earth from turning into bricks!
Astro Boy : Brick Breaker

BRICK Breaker : ATOM
BRICK Breaker : ATOM BRICK Breaker : ATOM BRICK Breaker : ATOM BRICK Breaker : ATOM BRICK Breaker : ATOM

This time "Brick Breaker Astro Boy" will have a part of the service on August 17 2020 (Monday) at 1159.

We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.

[End of service]
・Install from the store of this application
・Update of this application
・"Gold" sales (billing)
*This installed application can be played even after the service ends.

[Partial end date and time of service]
Monday August 17 2020 1159

[About the end of gold sales (billing)]
We will stop selling (billing) "Gold" at 1159 on Friday July 17 2020. The "Gold" you already have can be used until the end of the service period.

[Refund of paid currency]
In accordance with Article 20 Paragraph 1 of the Law Concerning Fund Settlement unused "Gold (paid)" will be refunded after a part of the service ends.

■ The trade name of the issuer of the prepaid payment method for refunding
BLAZE R Co. Ltd.

■ Types of prepaid payment instruments that are eligible for refund
Unused “Gold (Paid)”

■ Refund request acceptance period
From August 17 2020 (Monday) 1200 to October 16 2020 (Friday) 2359
*If no refund request is submitted within this refund request period it will be excluded from the refund procedure.

■ Refund request method
Please fill in the following items to this email address and attach the screenshot showing the User ID of the setting menu and send it.

▼ Necessary items
・Contact email address
·Bank name
·Branch name
・Branch number
·Account type
·account number
・Account name (Kanji)
・Account name (Kana)
*After confirming the content of the offer we will transfer the equivalent amount to the domestic bank account specified by the customer.
*Refund will be the full amount of "gold (paid)" converted into yen.
*We will bear the refund fee.

■ Notes
・The refund procedure will take about one month after the application is accepted.
・Please check the necessary information and enter the correct information.
We may contact you if there are any inadequacies in the contents.
・At the time of requesting a refund you must understand and agree to the intent of this measure and you cannot cancel the refund request.
・The personal information you send will be used only for the refund procedure.
・Please refrain from uninstalling or changing the model of this application until refund support is completed.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all the users who have patronized us.

Thank you for your continued support of "Brick Breaker Astro Boy".


The Earth is in a grave danger
because of Dr. Brick's evil plan.

[Astro Boy] is the only one who can stop Dr. Bricks!

■How to play
Bounce the ball with Iron Bar
to break bricks
Complete a variety of objects to clear stage

- Based on the famous anime [Astro Boy]!
- Classic brick breaker game on mobile!
- A light-weight app with less than 30 MB in size!
- Supports 13 languages
- Supports Google Leaderboards Achievements and multiplayer

* Copyrighted by
  ©Tezuka Productions
* Developed by
 sblooming Co. Ltd.


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BRICK Breaker : ATOM
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