Bound Strike

Bound Strike

Capture Territories Aim to Victory! Revolution of Card Game!

Bound Strike
Bound Strike Bound Strike Bound Strike Bound Strike Bound Strike Bound Strike

●IMGA Global International Mobile Gaming Awards
●Best mobile Award (BMA)


1. Land capturing competition
Unique land occupation gameplay, a different battle mindset! Send out the strongest card characters, combine them into perfect army, and march to attack your enemy.
Whoever takes over the land or gets the most area (territories) is the winner.

2. 3 minutes real-time battle
In 180 seconds, you can complete a battle, and compete to raise your rank at anytime, anywhere.

3. The freedom of turning the tide
You don't know who will be the winner until the last second! The depth of the tactical strategy, the order of playing the cards, the skill attributes of the card will affect the final outcome, and the game is likely to be turned any second.

4. Strategic card combination
An easy-to-understand strategy game, ever-changing card combination! Water, fire, wood, light, dark, five elements, hundreds of cards, allow you to freely arrange your own special card team.

5. Multinational 1 to 1 competition
Sanctuary without borders, start the competitive matching, and you will play against players from all over the world right away.

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About this version (2.11.2)

-New Cards Release: SSRNorzamar, Wood Sprite Lord、 SSRSoro, Rebels、SRIngram, Griffin Knight、 RFreezing Breath、RTwin-headed Drake -New Chepter unlock -New Challent stage

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2.11.1 released on 20 June 2020 (537 days ago)

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Bound Strike
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