Bottle Flip 3D - Flip it!

Bottle Flip 3D - Flip it!

Use one touch & good timing to perform precise water bottle flipping.

Bottle Flip 3D - Flip it!
Bottle Flip 3D - Flip it! Bottle Flip 3D - Flip it! Bottle Flip 3D - Flip it! Bottle Flip 3D - Flip it! Bottle Flip 3D - Flip it! Bottle Flip 3D - Flip it! Bottle Flip 3D - Flip it! Bottle Flip 3D - Flip it! Bottle Flip 3D - Flip it! Bottle Flip 3D - Flip it! Bottle Flip 3D - Flip it! Bottle Flip 3D - Flip it!

Are you looking for a challenging & insane game to play? Maybe you are looking for a platform jump game to play when you’re bored? Introducing Bottle Flip 3D - Flip It! challenge, the most exciting challenge in 2k16! This is our newest 3D water bottle flipping game. The objective of this game is to use the one touch control and swipe it with perfect timing & precision so the water bottle will flip and jump onto the next platform. Sounds easy? We challenge you to try this flippy platform game and see how far you can go before you die!
If you are ready to be bottles flipper, let’s start. Bottle Flip 3D - Flip It! is an infinite or endless game, meaning you can play as long as you want and you can get as high score as you can, depending on your precision and timing. Some platforms will move and they will get smaller with different angles, adding the difficulty level in this platform jump game. It’s definitely more difficult to jump onto the moving platform and you might probably need to practice a couple of times to get the precision and timing right. Don’t worry, no one becomes a master flipper or jumper overnight. You’re going to drop a lot of bottles before you get a hang of it. Some people might think this is an insane jumper game because they become frustrated very quickly. This is why Flip It! is a challenging but addictive jumping game.
For variation, we provide a couple of bottles you can unlock. Gather as many coins and possible so you can unlock all the bottles in this flippy jumper game.

- Play this flippy jumping game for FREE, with no in app purchase or hidden charge.
- Play our bottle flipper game even when you’re offline.
- Inspired by the epic water bottle flipping phenomenon in 2k16.
- Simple control and game rules.
- Use one touch and swipe to move the bottle from platform to platform.
- Addictive endless platform game for every age.
- Beautiful 3D game graphic and exciting gameplay.
- Collect coins to unlock beautiful bottles to play our platform jump game.
- Practice your timing and precision in this water bottle flipping.
This is an insane game for some people. It is the ultimate insane game in 2k16 so we’re not surprised that not many people can master it fast. The question is do you have the patience and focus to learn how to do it?
Practice does make perfect so don’t give up or becoming frustrated easily. You just have to concentrate and focus. Remember that one wrong flip and you will have to start the game all over again. Don’t rush it, especially when facing the moving platform. Just take a deep breath and wait for the perfect time. We are sure that the more you play, the more you can overcome this bottle jumper challenge.
So, are you ready now to start this flipper challenge?
Just download and play FLIP IT! now and start swiping and flipping the bottles.


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Bottle Flip 3D - Flip it!
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