boQwI' (Klingon language)

boQwI' (Klingon language)

Understand and learn the true warrior's tongue.

boQwI' (Klingon language)
boQwI' (Klingon language) boQwI' (Klingon language) boQwI' (Klingon language) boQwI' (Klingon language) boQwI' (Klingon language) boQwI' (Klingon language) boQwI' (Klingon language) boQwI' (Klingon language)

tlhIngan Hol boQwI' / Klingon Language Assistant is a lexicon dictionary canon search tool and grammar analyser for the Klingon language ({tlhIngan Hol) devised by Marc Okrand for Star Trek's warrior race and spoken by characters on The Big Bang Theory and Star Trek Discovery. It can parse Klingon grammar and serve as an aid in Klingon-to-English translation. However it is NOT a general-purpose English-to-Klingon translator. You will need to know some Klingon already to make use of it for that purpose.

To hear the sounds of Klingon it is recommended to install the Klingon Text-To-Speech Engine. To analyse sentences from an app such as Duolingo highlight the Klingon text then click "share" and select {boQwI' as the target.

If you encounter any problems or have any suggestions there is a link to send me email directly from the menu under "Help".

This project is open sourced http//

Please support the Klingon language by purchasing "The Klingon Dictionary" "Klingon for the Galactic Traveler" "The Klingon Way" "Conversational Klingon" "Power Klingon" and other Klingon- and Star Trek-related products from Pocket Books Simon & Schuster and Paramount/Viacom/CBS Entertainment.

Klingon Star Trek and related marks are trademarks of CBS Studios Inc. and are used under "fair use" guidelines.

About this version (Varies with device)

Added ability to view Changelog (GitHub commit history) under Preferences. Enabled Portuguese language support. New vocabulary from qep'a' 27 (2020), including translations into German and Portuguese. Added automatic translations of notes into other languages (using Google Translate).

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boQwI' (Klingon language)
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