Bomgar for Samsung

Bomgar for Samsung

Download the Bomgar support client at the direction of your support rep.

Bomgar for Samsung
Bomgar for Samsung Bomgar for Samsung Bomgar for Samsung Bomgar for Samsung

Increase your service desk’s reach and performance with the Bomgar Customer Client for Samsung. With this app users can receive secure remote support from representatives without ever logging into their desktop. Users can share their screen stream live video co-browse websites and applications and chat with representatives from the comfort of their Samsung mobile device.
Feature Overview
Screen Sharing – Share your device’s screen in real-time.
Remote Control – Allow your support representative to navigate your screen access applications type and click as if they are holding the device in their own hands.
Bomgar InSight – Extend your representative’s vision by streaming live video.
Co-Browse – Browse websites and applications with your representative.
Chat – Chat back and forth with your representative.
The Bomgar Samsung Customer Client 2.2.8 runs on all Samsung devices with an official Samsung Android operating system 4.0.3 or above.
This app works with existing Bomgar installations version 14.3.1 or above and support sites with trusted CA-signed certificates. For full language support you must be running Bomgar 14.3.1 and above.
This support client should be downloaded only at the direction of a support representative using Bomgar whom you have solicited for technical support for your Android device.
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About this version (2.2.8-(62456)-Samsung)

2.2.8 New Features and Enhancements: -Added support to allow unattended access to Android devices via Android Jump Clients. Issues Resolved: -Resolved an issue with failing to detect network connectivity when only a LAN connection was available. -Resolved an issue with the customer client app failing when the live camera feed button was clicked. -Resolved issues with gallery view. -Resolved an issue with system information not being sent correctly on newer Android devices.

Details and Recent Ratings

Size: 4 MB
Version: 2.2.8-(62456)-Samsung by Bomgar Corporation
Updated: 23 August 2016 (2354 days ago)
Released: 05 March 2013
Installations: more than 100 000
Bomgar for Samsung
5 Stars: 96
4 Stars: 37
3 Stars: 12
2 Stars: 7
1 Star: 31

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