BlockaNet: Proxy List

BlockaNet: Proxy List

Anonymous HTTP HTTPS SOCKS4 SOCKS5 proxy list

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BlockaNet: Proxy List
BlockaNet: Proxy List BlockaNet: Proxy List BlockaNet: Proxy List BlockaNet: Proxy List BlockaNet: Proxy List BlockaNet: Proxy List

The largest collection of HTTP, SOCK4 and SOCKS5 online proxies. By routing your internet connection to a proxy from the list, you will change the IP address that your device uses to connect to the internet. Any site you then visit through your browser or through an HTTP-based app will then have no trackable IP record of your visit and believe you are based in the country of the proxy you chose. All proxies are free and for public use. Please respect the fact that individuals are handing over their bandwidth and processing power so that you may have wider access, privacy and security on the web. This means do not make heavy download requests unless necessary. Further, be wary about sharing sensitive information when connected to a proxy since administrators of the servers are themselves anonymous and may or may not be fully trustworthy. By using an HTTPS proxy, you can encrypt your internet activity and feel safer while using a public WiFi connection. Always prefer proxies based close to you for better speeds.

About this version (1.60)

BlockaNet v1.60 โ— Updated offline proxies lists โ— Telegram Bot available again โ— Added VPN (Beta)

Other versions

1.54 released on 06 April 2022 (614 days ago)
1.53 released on 08 February 2022 (671 days ago)
1.52 released on 17 December 2021 (724 days ago)
1.51 released on 05 November 2021 (766 days ago)
1.50 released on 20 October 2021 (782 days ago)
1.40 released on 27 December 2020 (1079 days ago)
1.31 released on 12 July 2020 (1247 days ago)
1.20 released on 23 May 2020 (1297 days ago)

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Updated: 25 April 2022 (595 days ago)
Released: 26 December 2017
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BlockaNet: Proxy List
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