Blindfold Chess Offline

Blindfold Chess Offline

Board visualization training includes playing blindfold against a friend

Blindfold Chess Offline
Blindfold Chess Offline Blindfold Chess Offline Blindfold Chess Offline Blindfold Chess Offline Blindfold Chess Offline Blindfold Chess Offline Blindfold Chess Offline Blindfold Chess Offline

It includes a section to practice playing blindfold games against a friend(bluetooth) or against the computer, showing or hiding the board.

When the game is completed including the timer, a complete chess game will be displayed, and your chess level will rise a lot because you will no longer give away pieces, you can play against opponents without using a board and you can read chess books easily.

The game is divided into 6 levels and begins in the first level that corresponds to visualizing a 3x3 square, that is, from the box A1 to C3, being 9 boxes to go to the second level, which is a 4x4 square, that is, from A1 to D4. Complete the 5 sublevels of the level and the same with the rest of the levels.

The 5 sublevels of each level are:

-Tell me the color of the cell: The application will show you a box and you must choose if the color of the box is white or black, this will help you memorize the color of the boxes.

-Tell me position: It begins in a square and instructions are given for movements such as bishop, knight or rook, after certain movements you must say in which square it was.

-Tell me movement: In this section it will show you a piece, an initial square, a final square and a number of movements, the idea is that you take the piece from the initial square to the final square in the indicated number of movements.

-Memorize position: In this section the application will show you a position, you must memorize the position of the pieces and then try to replicate that position.

-Mates: The application shows a position but in notation and the movement that follows must be found to mate but without using a board.

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Blindfold Chess Offline
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