Blade Knights HD - Another World

Blade Knights HD - Another World

Action Strategy RPG, Very Fast loading Game awaits you!

Blade Knights HD - Another World
Blade Knights HD - Another World Blade Knights HD - Another World Blade Knights HD - Another World Blade Knights HD - Another World Blade Knights HD - Another World Blade Knights HD - Another World Blade Knights HD - Another World Blade Knights HD - Another World

**** Support for 10 languages. (English Chinese (Simplified) Chinese (Traditional) Japanese Indonesian Vietnamese Spanish Portuguese Russian Korean)

**** Sign up now. Give a special gift. (free Crystal.)

â–¶Game Introductionâ—€

Blade Knights is a collection-oriented strategy battle RPG. Blade Knights by Game Tales Inc. stands out from other similar games with its distinctive elements that appeal to many players and unique world view. The game provides smooth 3D graphics action-packed battles and strategies of various heroes and much more for players to enjoy!

** This game does not support rooted phones. Please note that the app cannot be launched from rooted phones.
** Android OS 6.0 and higher must allow Blade Knights permission to access information in order to play the game. (The permission to access the address is only used to read the account information to allow the game to be launched.)

â–¶Special Game Launch Event!!â—€

Join in on the game launch events and enjoy various prizes!

1. Separate Special Event!

Log in to earn 100 Crystals 10 Soulstones every day and earn a 3-star hero on your 6th day of logging in! (This Daily Login Event is run separately from the regular Daily Login Event.) You can also receive various items and amazing heroes each time you purchase Crystals in the Cumulative Charging Event so don't miss out on this great opportunity!

2. Free VIP Event!

Blade Knights provides free VIP upgrades when a player reaches level 30 50 and 60. Players can reach up to VIP level 3 without spending a dime just by playing regularly and leveling up. The gap between paying and non-paying players is much less thanks to this unique system.
(** Crystals will be awarded to players who have already reached the VIP status.)

â–¶Game Featuresâ—€

1. Masterful Strategy RPG!

Meet many fun and unique characters in Blade Knights! The game provides awesome skills a variety of effects and a solid storyline. Enjoy the thrill of clearing dungeons full of enemies and experience the new Gold Hunter dungeon. Blade Knights is a side-scrolling collection-oriented RPG that can be enjoyed by everyone.

2. Amazing Realistic 3D Graphics!

Unlike other games that applies SD-style graphics Blade Knights uses realistic 3D graphics to fully deliver the amazing skill effects and battle experiences. The game is even optimized to run on low-spec phones. In addition Game Tales has utilized its expertise to ensure that your eyes stay protected while playing the game. The game is optimized with static view and shader to provide comfort even in a moving subway or bus.

3. Entertaining Game Elements!

Blade Knights combines collection-oriented RPG with a unique content of its own. Players can collect countless of items and level up or upgrade their heroes using various skills and equipment. The game provides numerous quests game modes and events to keep the players entertained for hours.

4. Competitive PVP System!

Players can compete against friends or other players with the heroes that they've trained. They can also enter a 5 against 5 battle in the Stadium to test their skills. In the Arena a new match mode players can engage in a 2 against 2 survival-type match! Show others just how strong your heroes are in Blade Knights!


If the update icon is not active in Google Play delete the app reboot your device (required) and reinstall the app. (Please make sure to reboot your device after deleting the app. Do not reinstall the app without rebooting your device.) Feel free to contact us at if you have any questions.


About this version (1.01)

The most lightweight and fun RPG release to you.

Details and Recent Ratings

Size: 16 MB
Version: 1.01 by GameTales
Updated: 01 May 2018 (1264 days ago)
Released: 01 May 2018
Installations: more than 10 000
Blade Knights HD - Another World
5 Stars: 234
4 Stars: 30
3 Stars: 34
2 Stars: 10
1 Star: 30

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