Bird Sort - Color Puzzle

Bird Sort - Color Puzzle

Become a bird sort master with Bird Sort Puzzle and ASMR sound

Bird Sort - Color Puzzle
Bird Sort - Color Puzzle Bird Sort - Color Puzzle Bird Sort - Color Puzzle Bird Sort - Color Puzzle Bird Sort - Color Puzzle

Bird Sort - Color Puzzle - Sorting puzzle game with a unique art style, a collection of colorful birds. The bird games required focus, skills, and strategy to solve the color sorting game by matching colorful birds. Test your intelligence by solving this sort of puzzle game ๐Ÿง 
- Move the bird by touching it and then touching the branch you want it to move to.
- Arrange the birds using the fewest possible moves!
- Try not to get stuck. If you get stuck you can just go back step by step using the back button or restart the level at any time or you can add a twig to make the color bird sort easier.
With the increase of colors and birds, the difficulty of bird sort puzzles will gradually increase. Rich and interesting sort color bird games levels are here waiting for you to challenge!
- It is easy to play but hard to become a bird sort master.
- Best graphics and sound in each category.
- Great game to pass time & it makes you think
- Collect coins every time you complete a bird puzzle level and unlock new items and backgrounds
- Unlimited time! Play for free.
- Hundreds of challenging puzzle levels to keep you entertained for hours.
๐Ÿ‘‰ Discover species such as parakeet, macaw, cockatiel, hornbill, hummingbird, grass owl, penguin, cockatoo, mandarin duck, pheasant, canary, finch, goldfinch, parrot, eagle, peacock, shoebill, eagle, toucan and more in Bird Sort - Color Puzzle.


About this version (1.0.21)

A new useful update is available. The next one is coming soon! - Update new levels - Improved performance We carefully read your review, so feel free to write about the features you experienced in the game and suggest what you'd like to change. Thank you so much <3

Other versions

1.0.16 released on 02 April 2022 (694 days ago)
1.0.10 released on 24 March 2022 (703 days ago)
1.0.6 released on 02 March 2022 (725 days ago)
1.0.4 released on 01 March 2022 (726 days ago)
1.0.2 released on 21 February 2022 (734 days ago)

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Size: 0 MB
Version: 1.0.21 by Azura Global
Updated: 23 April 2022 (673 days ago)
Released: 15 February 2022
Installations: more than 1 000 000
Bird Sort - Color Puzzle
5 Stars: 3639
4 Stars: 726
3 Stars: 315
2 Stars: 133
1 Star: 38

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