Install select your council & you will know how to dispose of every waste item.

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Want to know exactly what goes in your various bins and what needs to go to your local Recycling Centre?

This App gives absolute clarity on how all household waste items should be treated in your council area using photos, icons and council specific instructions.

More/Features include:

1. A Database of 250+ items each with specific pages on local recycling practices.
2. A-Z search function with thousands of keywords including brand name search.
3. Absolute clarity on ‘What goes where’ in terms of bins and recycling centres.
4. Push notifications to enable the council to contact the householder for any collection changes/notifications.
5. Educational comments, awareness, and feel good information specific to your council.
6. Local recycling locations on GPS and details on opening hours, contact details etc.
7. Informative and easy to implement Reduce, Re-use & Recycling Tips.

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