BikerSOS - Motorcycle Ride GPS Tracker & SOS

BikerSOS - Motorcycle Ride GPS Tracker & SOS

The app that can save your life on the road. Ride safely with BikerSOS!

BikerSOS - Motorcycle Ride GPS Tracker & SOS
BikerSOS - Motorcycle Ride GPS Tracker & SOS BikerSOS - Motorcycle Ride GPS Tracker & SOS BikerSOS - Motorcycle Ride GPS Tracker & SOS BikerSOS - Motorcycle Ride GPS Tracker & SOS BikerSOS - Motorcycle Ride GPS Tracker & SOS BikerSOS - Motorcycle Ride GPS Tracker & SOS BikerSOS - Motorcycle Ride GPS Tracker & SOS BikerSOS - Motorcycle Ride GPS Tracker & SOS

This app is designed for those motorcycle enthusiasts who know the importance of feeling safe while riding their bikes.

Being alone on the road gives an incredible feeling of freedom, but we know that in the meantime your family might be worried about your safety at home. Now, you can give them peace of mind with BikerSOS!

BikerSOS is a motorbike app that not only records all your trips, but also detects accidents with your motorcycle and alerts your emergency contacts automatically.

What BikerSOS includes:
▶ Motorcycle crash detection
▶ Trip recording
▶ Emergency-Contact Lists
▶ Emergency Center Call (Pro)
▶ Medical Data Provisioning
▶ Bike Tour Live-Tracking
▶ Motorbike Trip Statistics
▶ Manage your motorcycles
▶ Take Images during your trips
▶ Web application

If a crash is detected by the application, using the smartphone's sensors, an alarm is set off automatically and a message with all provided relevant medical information and the current location will be sent to the emergency team and contacts after the alarm is finished.

There is sufficient time to cancel a false alarm. The alarm will be also cancelled automatically when you continue your ride.

Allow your friends and family to live-track your motorcycle trip and invite them by sharing the live-tracking link in a message or by social networks. If you have Premium activated, you can automatically send a message with your live-tracking information to your contacts.

Track all your bike routes. Never again forget a destination visited or a driven route. All your logged trips are summarized in your dashboard and you can see detailed routes on the interactive map.

Add your motorcycles and link them to your trips. (Know exactly how much you have driven with your motorcycle already)
Take photos and never forget the best memories and places where you have been during a motorcycle trip. (and see them on the map where they were taken)

▶ Emergency Center notification
▶ Automatic crash detection
▶ Auto Live-Tracking Message to contacts
▶ One free GPS Tracker activation

It is available within an auto-renewable subscription for the following conditions:
Weekly: 4.90 €
Monthly: 9.90 €
Yearly: 49.90 €

With the GPS tracker you can track your routes automatically and always know where your motorcycle is. BikerSOS will send you a notification in case it detects any strange movement. It also allows you to define a safety zone to make sure your motorcycle is always near you.

BikerSOS GPS tracker:
▶ Allows you to know where your motorcycle is in every moment
▶ Includes geofence
▶ Records tours automatically
▶ Starts auto live tracking for contacts
▶ Keeps an eye on your batteries voltage
▶ Detects accidents of your motorcycle (coming soon)

Yearly or two year subscription is required on


▶ Auto-renewable subscriptions will be renewed automatically after the bought period of time. Users can cancel this subscription via the Play Store app directly on their smartphone. The subscription has to be canceled at least 24 hours before the automated subscription renewal. The user will be charged the same amount each time, the subscription is renewed. The payment will be charged to your Google Account at the time of confirmation. Auto-renewal can be turned off in the account settings.
▶ Continued use of GPS can dramatically decrease battery life of your smartphone.
▶ Internet connection is a prerequisite for an automatic emergency call. With Premium, an emergency call can be triggered manually.

Read our privacy policy and general terms here:

Safe journey,
The BikerSOS Team


About this version (3.1.45)

* You can now select multiple images at once and add them to a tour. * Maintenance work and various improvements.

Other versions

3.1.44 released on 24 August 2021 (649 days ago)
3.1.42 released on 09 July 2021 (695 days ago)
3.1.38 released on 07 June 2021 (727 days ago)
3.1.36 released on 19 April 2021 (776 days ago)
3.1.31 released on 11 March 2021 (815 days ago)
3.1.30 released on 08 February 2021 (846 days ago)
3.1.29 released on 23 December 2020 (893 days ago)
3.1.25 released on 29 September 2020 (978 days ago)
3.1.23 released on 10 September 2020 (997 days ago)
3.1.21 released on 13 August 2020 (1025 days ago)
3.1.20 released on 21 July 2020 (1048 days ago)
3.1.17 released on 25 May 2020 (1105 days ago)

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