Bike Tire Pressure Calculator

Bike Tire Pressure Calculator

Easily calculate recommended pressure for your road bike or MTB tires.

Bike Tire Pressure Calculator
Bike Tire Pressure Calculator Bike Tire Pressure Calculator Bike Tire Pressure Calculator Bike Tire Pressure Calculator

Safety first! Always make sure to pump up your tires to within a minimum and a maximum recommended pressure. Normally, that range is visible on the side of the tire.

Turns out, higher pressure is not always the fastest. How hard should your bike tires be? And what is the correct pressure?

There are multiple factors to consider:
* Tire size: Narrower tires need higher pressures than wide ones.
* Body and bike weight: Heavier riders need higher pressures than lighter ones.
* Grip: Tire that is too hard, won't grip - because it will not deform to the road surface, thus less rubber will be in contact with the road.
* Comfort: Ideally, you want to run a pressure that allows the tire to compress when you sit on the bike.
* Tubeless setup

What is the right tire pressure?

This app will help you easily and quickly calculate the recommended tire pressure for your road bike or MTB.

* separate readings for front and rear tire
* includes a wide list of tire sizes, from 23mm to 120mm of width and from 26" to 29" of the circumference
* supports metric and imperial scale for weight entry
* returns pressure values in both psi and bar
* useful for road bikes, city bikes, cyclocross, gravel, triathlon, aero bikes, fat tire, e-bikes, and MTB
* now featuring: tubeless setup option

Best tire pressure.

Who should use this app?
* Road cyclists
* Mountain bikers
* Bicycle commuters
* Triathletes

Next time you race, or just go out there to hit that CR or KOM/QOM on Strava, or do an epic Gran Fondo with Komoot - make sure to start with the right tire pressure.

This app was heavily inspired by the work done by the amazing Global Cycling Network:
* Bike Tyre Pressure Explained | Road Bike Maintenance -
* What's The Fastest Tyre Pressure For A Road Bike? | GCN Does Science -
* How To Choose The Right Tires For Gravel: From Road To Off-Road Riding -

About this version (0.7.3)

* Improvement: New tire sizes (based on feedback from Flor) * Improvement: Useless action bar on top removed, should improve user experience on low resolution phones * Maintenance: Target SDK version raised to 30 (Android 11) * Maintenance: Minimum SDK version lowered to 24 (Android 6)

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Bike Tire Pressure Calculator
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