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Sick¬†of¬†the¬†calorie-¬≠counting¬†apps¬†that¬†log¬†your¬†food¬†but¬†don't¬†help¬†to¬†actually¬†reach¬†your¬†weight¬†loss¬†goals?There's¬†no¬†app¬†that¬†will‚Äč make you eat your veggies and even if it could they might not be the ‚Äčright ‚Äč foods to help your specific body type lose weight! In fact foods you probably thought were healthy to eat could be causing more harm than good. The¬†Betr¬†app¬†will¬†provide¬†a¬†clear¬†eating¬†plan¬†and¬†grocery¬†list¬†that's¬†modified¬†according¬†to¬†your¬†on-¬≠the¬≠go¬†lifestyle. We encourage you to share pictures of your daily meals track your mood sleep meds symptoms and activity on¬†the¬†app.‚Äč This all gets passed along to your personal coach. Forget about starving yourself with shakes or point systems. Our team will show you the Betr path to healthier living allowing you to reach your weight loss goals now and maintain it in the future. Stop dieting and start healing your body because you deserve to live Betr!

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