Bestfit Home Workout - Personal Fitness Training

Bestfit Home Workout - Personal Fitness Training

Home exercises with your bodyweight or equipment customized for your home gym

Bestfit Home Workout - Personal Fitness Training
Bestfit Home Workout - Personal Fitness Training Bestfit Home Workout - Personal Fitness Training Bestfit Home Workout - Personal Fitness Training Bestfit Home Workout - Personal Fitness Training Bestfit Home Workout - Personal Fitness Training

Anytime and anywhere you train with your bodyweight or use what is available to you: dumbbell, barbell, pull-up bar or training tower. You decide about your home workout. BestFit is your mobile personal trainer๐Ÿ’ช and creates the perfect workout for you at any time. ๐Ÿ“‹

Bring your gym to your home. No matter if you want to build muscles, lose weight or get fit ๐Ÿ‘, BestFit Home provides you with an individual home workout, exactly adapted to your fitness level ๐Ÿ˜. With BestFit Home you can integrate your equipment from home into your bodyweight training.

BestFit Home offers workouts tailored to your individual needs, which will help you to quickly increase your fitness, build muscles and lose weight. The algorithm specifically designed for the combination of bodyweight and gym equipment creates personalized workout plans that allow you to work out anytime, anywhere.

With BestFit Home we combine the training methodology from the gym with the possibilities that your home offers. We integrate dumbbell, barbell, the pull-up bar, and the training tower into your home workout. This makes it possible to include goals into your training that are normally not possible at home. You can build muscles efficiently and set optimal training stimuli.

Only bodyweight or with equipment, but only the dumbbells, design your plan as you want it to be! You can decide and adapt your home workout to your needs, but that does not stop the individual adaptation. BestFit Home is the only app that allows you to further customize your workout. Swap, remove or add exercises to your workout plan. It's up to you how you want to personalize your workout.

No matter how you decide, whether only with your bodyweight or with equipment. The BestFit Home App is your personal trainer, accompanies and motivates you during your entire training routine and beyond. With the smart training control, time-consuming and non-goal-oriented tests for classification are a thing of the past. The BestFit Home App can predict the optimal weights already for your first workout and adjusts them continuously and live to your performance level.

BestFit Home is for those who want to combine training at home, using only their bodyweight, with training using the equipment commonly used in the gym. BestFit Home offers numerous exercises with equipment and with bodyweight. It is also possible to set up the workout with bodyweight only exercises. That is why you can workout anywhere and anytime, no matter what exercises.

Keep yourself fit with the BestFit Home App, build muscles, increase your fitness and let us support you to lose weight. No matter for which fitness level - the BestFit Home App creates an optimal home workout for everyone. Reach your goals quickly and see results.

We're always happy to hear from you. No matter what comes to mind, we want to hear it. Would you like another feature? Does something not work as expected?

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