Beat 14

Beat 14

Can you make number 14? Easy for everyone! Drive genius crazy!

Beat 14
Beat 14 Beat 14 Beat 14 Beat 14 Beat 14 Beat 14 Beat 14 Beat 14 Beat 14 Beat 14 Beat 14 Beat 14 Beat 14 Beat 14 Beat 14

Beat 14 is a brand new puzzle game from Windforce Games.
This game is challenging exciting and infuriating at times. For all great puzzlers Beat 14 is great in hours of emotive fun.

In the game you make three or more same numbers merged to a higher number.The goal is making the number 14 with Hexa blocks! Combo merges could give you extra points.

It sounds easy but when the hexagon numbers are full of the board and with pressure of high scores you'll find it is not as easy as you thought. You've got to think carefully and make a good plan! Luckily you are able to use special items to help you overcome some obstacles.

When you finish the classic mode you can unlock new game modes with coins. Challenging emotive and simple to play. Beat 14 will give you incredible addictive feeling for sure. Don't forget to challenge your friends or puzzlers all around the world by leaderboard.

Key Features
โ— Easy to learn and fun to master
โ— Fun and amazing graphics and music.
โ— Challenging and addictive
โ— Beat your friend's high score

Huge fun for casual times! You can play it 7 days every week! KING OF BRAIN TEASERS!



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About this version (2.8)

1.Bug fixed 2.Optimized gameplay!

Details and Recent Ratings

Size: 33 MB
Version: 2.8 by Metajoy
Updated: 29 June 2020 (203 days ago)
Released: 22 November 2016
Installations: more than 50 000
Beat 14
5 Stars: 568
4 Stars: 130
3 Stars: 30
2 Stars: 7
1 Star: 30

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