BattleWits for UPSC

BattleWits for UPSC

BattleWits for UPSC is the best app designed specially for Civil Services exams

BattleWits for UPSC
BattleWits for UPSC BattleWits for UPSC BattleWits for UPSC BattleWits for UPSC BattleWits for UPSC BattleWits for UPSC BattleWits for UPSC

BattleWits for UPSC is India's leading tutorial app to ace the UPSC exams. Forget the boring days of rote learning through books now enjoy as you realise your dream of being an officer serving the country. Start preparing for the civil services exam with us right now. Don't miss out... because your competitors won't!


* Daily Practice Problems - Over 10000 specially designed topic-wise practice questions to get you exam ready. Our team consisting of India's top UPSC teachers have carefully selected the right mix of problems for you to learn from. If you've just started out or are already set to top the civil services examination we guarantee you solving these problems daily will improve your performance like never before!

* Random Matches - Compete against players from all over the country and show who's the boss! Our carefully designed matching algorithms put you up against people who are just like you so that you can get a taste of your competition upfront. With opponents from different parts of the India every Random Match will be a practice pitch for the UPSC exam aspirants.

* Challenge Your Friends - Ask your friends to a battle and see who's the smartest of you all! Host games by sharing referral links or inviting them in game and spend an awesome evening having fun with your buddies! Learning had never been this fun before... Hurry send a challenge to your friend now !

* Detailed Analysis - Get in depth analysis of metrics that affect your performance the most! Find the right areas to focus your efforts on and gain maximal improvement. Get a realistic idea about your Prelims and Mains scores. We calculate for you percentiles based on accuracy and speed and overall ability so that you know where you stand. BattleWits for UPSC will get you exam ready by highlighting areas that you need to work on so that your efforts never go in vain.

* Rank and Rating - ELO styled ratings to give you a realistic understanding of your exam performance. Practice learn have fun and rise to the top of the ladder. People from all over the India vie for the top spots see if you can get it! Get your name listed on the leaderboard and win awesome BattleWits goodies!

* Learn From Mistakes - Improvement is the name of the game. Learn from your past mistakes and focus on areas which are weak. Recommended way of learning by all toppers. Check out how fast can you improve by solving the mistakes section.

* Question of the Day - Challenge yourself! See if you can answer the question of the day. These bonus questions turn out to be the difference between an average student and the topper


At BattleWits for UPSC your educational experience is our priority. We would love to hear suggestions from you on how to improve our app and deliver to you exactly what you need.

You can write to us at

or use the in-app feedback feature to talk directly to our dedicated team.

Lets all learn have fun and grow together !

About this version (1.0.4)

Most fun way to prepare UPSC. Play with your friends or random aspirants and go through over 20000 gem questions effortlessly.

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