Base Sas Quiz

Base Sas Quiz

Base SAS Quiz -Free app for everyone aiming to crack the Base SAS Certification.

Base Sas Quiz
Base Sas Quiz Base Sas Quiz Base Sas Quiz Base Sas Quiz Base Sas Quiz Base Sas Quiz Base Sas Quiz Base Sas Quiz

Base Sas Quiz is an application which aims to help SAS Programmer to crack Base SAS Certification. This app has more than 430 unique questions which come with various exam modes and takes care about user preferences. It comes with Practice mode where user practice unlimited questions and can see correct answers for the question on the spot. This app also has Quick Exam, Main Exam, Timer Exam Mode. You can see the how you are doing in progress section. You can see what questions you answered incorrectly and you can also flag questions which you find tricky or want to visit them again.

The questions are collected from various sources on internet and this application claims no ownership on the questions used in this application. If you are using SAS Quiz application then feel free to uninstall that and use this one as going forward you would receive updates only on this application.

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About this version (1.6.2)

Thank you for using Base Sas. We keep bringing new updates to make user experience better. This times it is loads of improvements. We strongly recommend you to keep Base Sas Quiz updated. We love to hear back to make Base Sas Quiz better than what it is today so please share feedback on and rate us on play store. Thank you again!!!

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Updated: 01 September 2019 (783 days ago)
Released: 03 February 2018
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Base Sas Quiz
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