balance - Menopause Support

balance - Menopause Support

By Dr Louise Newson

balance - Menopause Support
balance - Menopause Support balance - Menopause Support balance - Menopause Support balance - Menopause Support balance - Menopause Support balance - Menopause Support balance - Menopause Support balance - Menopause Support

Founded by Dr Louise Newson, balance app is the only menopause app certified by ORCHA and recognised as safe, accredited, compliant, and trusted to feature in digital health libraries for the NHS and other national health bodies around the world.

balance app is also Bionow's 2021 Product of the Year award winner, recognising best innovations in biomedical and life sciences.

Created with a single mission in mind, to make menopause support inclusive and accessible to all, balance app provides evidence-based and unbiased information to help you become better informed, prepared and empowered during the perimenopause and menopause.

From the moment you sign in, balance app is personalised and displays medically-approved content based on your goals, symptoms, interests, and previous interactions.

We’re proud to provide a safe space for our community of like-minded users who continuously connect, share stories, and support each other to break menopause taboos. Every day they create a powerful force that allows us to take more steps towards our mission – we’re here because we want to make a difference. We want to change lives across the world and make menopause an opportunity, not an ending.

Use balance app to:

• Understand more about your menopause with the help of expert medically approved content that’s tailored around you.

• Keep an eye on your symptoms and health with the help of the balance journal. You can record your symptoms, mood, periods, sleep, nutrition, exercise, and meditation.

• Understand your treatment options in the review section, where others have shared their honest experiences of both HRT and alternatives for you to learn from.

• Prepare for any healthcare appointments you may have by downloading your own personalised Health Report©. Our ‘at-a-glance’ summary allows your healthcare professional to diagnose your perimenopause or menopause more quickly and discuss treatment options with you.

• Track any changes to, or patterns in, your symptoms and health over time with the help of graphs to show you how things are going.

• Join experiments that have each been specifically designed to help relieve certain symptoms of the menopause.

• Share your stories and read others’, balance is a safe place to talk about this time in your life with people who understand. Here you can feel supported whilst also helping others.

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