Badanamu Talk & Trace

Badanamu Talk & Trace

It’s fun to learn the alphabet with Badanamu. ABCs, tracing, and keywords!

Badanamu Talk & Trace
Badanamu Talk & Trace Badanamu Talk & Trace Badanamu Talk & Trace Badanamu Talk & Trace Badanamu Talk & Trace Badanamu Talk & Trace Badanamu Talk & Trace Badanamu Talk & Trace Badanamu Talk & Trace Badanamu Talk & Trace Badanamu Talk & Trace Badanamu Talk & Trace

Badanamu Talk & Trace makes learning to write and draw great fun!

Use with the Learning Pen 2 and the Bada Pen (optional). Check for pricing and availability.

Talk & Trace includes letters numbers and shapes. Get ready for pre-k and kindergarten with Badanamu. We make letters numbers and shapes relatable to children by using silly sounds catchy music and adorable characters.

Try tracing your way through all 26 letters of the alphabet in lowercase and uppercase. After children finish tracing each letter they are greeted by that Nemie character in a fun and memorable animation.

Here are some of the great features of the Badanamu Talk and Trace application

Learn letter sounds.
• Whimsical characters make remembering letter sounds easy

Learn letter numbers and shapes strokes.
• Capital and lower case for all 26 letters of the alphabet
• Ordered writing strokes tracing neat letters shapes and numbers for pre-k and kindergarten

Learn keywords for each letter.
• Cute characters associate a keyword with each letter
• Words reappear in other Badanamu products helping children build vocabulary

Learn numbers 1 through 10.
• Simplified writing strokes make learning to write fun.
• Cute animations help children to visualize the quantities associated with each number.

Learn 8 kindergarten shapes.
• Learn to draw a square circle triangle rectangle star heart diamond and oval.
• Rewarding animations help children identify shapes in real-world items.
Includes adjustable difficulty settings.
• Easy setting keeps the challenge manageable for young learners.
• Hard setting assigns a number score for accuracy on each tracing.

Does your little one love Badanamu Talk and Trace?
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Badanamu Let’s learn and play together!

About this version (4.5.0)

* Upgraded the runtime engine. * Fixed a few bugs. * Added integration for upcoming Learn & Play application.

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Badanamu Talk & Trace
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