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Drive safe, earn more rewards, get recognized, share achievements in your fleet.

Azuga FleetMobile
Azuga FleetMobile Azuga FleetMobile Azuga FleetMobile Azuga FleetMobile Azuga FleetMobile Azuga FleetMobile Azuga FleetMobile Azuga FleetMobile

Hit the road with Azuga FleetMobile the Azuga Fleet companion app designed to reward drivers for good behavior.

For drivers the app lets you view scores receive rewards for safe driving review your trip logs punch in and out of shifts and more.

For Fleet and Safety managers this same app lets you view the status of your fleet keep an eye on driving behavior and send rewards to drivers.

• Track safety scores. Drivers can keep tabs on their safety scores see how they stack up against one another and coach themselves into becoming safer more efficient drivers. Supervisors can view the same scores and leaderboard to see how well drivers perform behind the wheel and what driving behaviors need work from a laptop mobile phone or tablet.
• Reward safe smart driving. Reward drivers for a job well done behind the wheel. With a tap managers can send rewards—and drivers receive them—using FleetMobile. Rewards can also be sent via Azuga Fleet.
• ID Drivers. Using Bluetooth pair phone with the GPS Tracking device to identify who is actually driving the vehicle.
• Receive alerts and notifications. Set up alerts and receive automatic notifications when safety issues such as speeding or hard braking are detected.
• Log and tag trips. When a driver uses FleetMobile data is captured from every vehicle he or she drives creating a comprehensive trip log. Tag trips as business or personal and capture details including starting point destination stops locations distance speed and idle time.
• Increase efficiency. Leverage a range of built-in utilities such as vehicle health monitoring navigation tracking parked vehicle location and third-party apps.

Here is how it works

• The Azuga GPS fleet tracking device plugs directly into the vehicle’s on-board computer and captures data on how safely and efficiently your employees drive.

• What is the Driver Score? Azuga takes the data and creates a driver score and ranking based on each individual driver’s behavior behind the wheel. Scores are calculated on a scale of 0 - 100 for the previous day’s trips considering the following unsafe driving events
• Speeding
• Idling
• Hard Braking
• Sudden Acceleration
• Cornering
• Distracted Driving
• Seat belt usage
• Note Not all events are considered for score calculations. It is the discretion of your supervisor to choose the events included in the scores calculated for your fleet or company.

• How is the Azuga Driver Score calculated? Combined with the unsafe driving events the Azuga Driver Score is calculated based on the following parameters
• Magnitude of events For example a hard brake is a change in speed of 8-12 MPH in ONE second.
• Duration For example the number of seconds driving above the speed limit threshold.
• Spatio-temporal index Helps give a perspective on when the event occurred and how well the driver behaved when conditions were adverse. For example speed during snow conditions.

• The Driver Score screen displays a driver’s performance and driving behavior. The first section has the driver’s overall safety score followed by the scores for the unsafe driving events.

Please Note You must be a Azuga Fleet customer to use this app. Every Azuga Fleet GPS tracking subscription includes FleetMobile. Not a Azuga customer? Call us to find out more. US 1-888-777-9718. Or reach out to our sales team at

About this version (4.4 b239)

* Added more brands to choose from to redeem rewards in addition to the existing ones * Crash/Accident detection (Beta) * Bug fixes and Improvements

Other versions

4.3 b237 released on 01 March 2021 (49 days ago)
4.2.4 b235 released on 29 January 2021 (80 days ago)
4.2.2 b232 released on 11 January 2021 (98 days ago)
4.2.1 b230 released on 23 December 2020 (117 days ago)
4.2 b228 released on 09 December 2020 (131 days ago)
4.1 b226 released on 20 November 2020 (150 days ago)
4.1 b224 released on 19 November 2020 (151 days ago)
4.0.2 b213 released on 29 September 2020 (202 days ago)
4.0.1 b210 released on 14 September 2020 (217 days ago)
4.0 b208 released on 29 August 2020 (233 days ago)
3.4.3 b202 released on 03 August 2020 (259 days ago)
3.4.2 b197 released on 06 July 2020 (287 days ago)

Details and Recent Ratings

Size: 53 MB
Version: 4.4 b239 by Azuga
Updated: 06 April 2021 (13 days ago)
Released: 20 February 2015
Installations: more than 10 000
Azuga FleetMobile
5 Stars: 149
4 Stars: 26
3 Stars: 23
2 Stars: 23
1 Star: 70

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