Avast Family Space for parents - Parental controls

Avast Family Space for parents - Parental controls

Keep your child safe with a GPS tracker and inappropriate content filters

 Avast Family Space for parents - Parental controls
 Avast Family Space for parents - Parental controls  Avast Family Space for parents - Parental controls  Avast Family Space for parents - Parental controls  Avast Family Space for parents - Parental controls  Avast Family Space for parents - Parental controls

Avast Family Space is a parental assistance app that gives you control over your child’s mobile devices so you can keep your child safe and help them develop healthy online habits.

Keep track of which sites and apps are safe and which aren’t by whitelisting or blacklisting them and by easily filtering certain content automatically. And just because you might be in lockdown doesn’t mean you can’t limit your child’s online time. Simply adjust when they can access the internet on their device.

Avast Family Space makes parenting even easier by also allowing you to track the location of your child’s device receive GPS alerts when they arrive at a certain location and check their phone’s battery status to make sure you can always reach them.

Keep your child safe
âś” Content filters
Keep track of the apps and websites your kids use the most. If you see an activity or a website that's not age-appropriate you can block it right away. You can even approve or block categories of websites or apps.*

âś” Phone locator
See your child’s location on a real-time GPS map. Your child can also send their location at any time to confirm when they leave or arrive at certain destinations like home a friend’s house or school.

✔Pick your children up safely
Get requests from your child for a car pickup. If you accept you and your child can see each other on the same map until you’ve picked them up.

âś” Phone status
Keep track of the battery status of your child’s device to make sure you can always get in touch with them.

âś” Internet control
Use Pause Internet to ensure your child isn’t online after bedtime or set time limits for when their device shouldn’t have access to the internet.

âś” Screen time
See how much time your child spends on their device and in each app.

How does Avast Family Space work?
To connect your child’s mobile device to your own you must first download the Avast Family Space app onto your device and the Avast Family Space Companion app onto your child’s device. You will then follow a few simple onboarding instructions to complete the setup process.

Download Avast Family Space Companion https//play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.avast.android.familyspace.companion

Once the Avast Family Space Companion app is activated you will be able to block inappropriate content and manage which apps your child can use* view their location using a phone locator pause internet use and get location alerts so you’ll know where they are at all times.

Common parental concerns that Avast Family Space addresses
Did my child arrive home safely from school?
Quickly view your child’s current location on a private GPS map with the help of a phone locator.

Are they using inappropriate apps?
Easily block an app that you don’t want your child to have access to. If you change your mind you can unblock the app whenever you want.*

Are they browsing the internet at school?
Pause internet access on your child’s device so he or she won’t get distracted while at school.

Are they exposed to inappropriate web content?
Block websites or content categories that you feel are inappropriate for your child.

They aren’t responding did something happen?
View your child’s phone status and check their device’s battery life.

Top features
âś” Content Filters
âś” Screen Time
âś” Phone Locator
âś” Pick me up
âś” Check-in
âś” Phone status
âś” Time Limits

When the app is opened for the first time we will generate and collect a unique identifier in order to measure app installations and campaign performance.

*App blocking feature is only available when Avast Family Space Companion is installed on an Android phone.

About this version (1.27.0)

- Online Activity - See which apps and websites your family members spend the most time on. Monitors iOS and Android Companion devices. - Screen Time - See how much time your family members spend in each app. Supports Android Companions only for now, with iOS coming soon. - Multi-parent support - Invite other parents to manage your family with you. - Smart Place Alerts - Advises you to name locations where your kids spend the most time. - Android 11 compatibility.

Other versions

1.26.0 released on 12 August 2020 (113 days ago)
1.24.0 released on 23 June 2020 (163 days ago)
1.22.0 released on 07 May 2020 (210 days ago)

Details and Recent Ratings

Size: 33 MB
Version: 1.27.0 by Avast Software
Updated: 20 October 2020 (44 days ago)
Released: 19 August 2019
Installations: more than 10 000
 Avast Family Space for parents - Parental controls
5 Stars: 119
4 Stars: 18
3 Stars: 11
2 Stars: 3
1 Star: 15

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