Ausum: Audio that informs & inspires

Ausum: Audio that informs & inspires

Personalized audio briefs of news and stories from the worlds’ top thinkers.

Ausum: Audio that informs & inspires
Ausum: Audio that informs & inspires Ausum: Audio that informs & inspires Ausum: Audio that informs & inspires Ausum: Audio that informs & inspires Ausum: Audio that informs & inspires

AUSUM: Short Audible News turns articles, blog posts and newsletters from the world’s top publishers and thought leaders into short audio summaries. Ausum helps you stay informed and get inspired faster anytime, anywhere. You are guaranteed to learn something new in less than 3 minutes!

Download our app for FREE and get to all of our amazing features:

✅ Listen to audio versions on the go
✅ Curated content from the worlds’ top publishers, newsletters and thought leaders.
✅ For You - Personal Recommendations.
✅ The most important insights in 3 minutes or less audio bites.
Beautiful and easy-to-understand user interface.
✅ Audio-first experience that saves you time and lets you stay informed. and improve yourself while doing the things you like.
Powered by humans! produced by professional writers and voice actors.
✅ Get the text version of each recording.
Dozens of topics and publishers to explore.
✅ AUSUM is completely FREE 🔥🔥🔥


AUSUM is built for audio on the go. You don’t need to look at the screen to get the highlights of the day, and all the main features of the app are within one tap. Add topics and publishers you are interested in to one of the presets, and you can always listen to

Enjoy short form audios in various topics, such as self-help, self-improvement, motivational, self-development, or other news categories.

You can enjoy AUSUM as soon as you download it, no signup and no annoying on-boarding. Just download, open and hit play, and get ready to get informed and inspired in less than 3 minutes.

So, what are you waiting for? AUSUM is a 100% FREE App, so download it now and get a personalized mix of short and snappy news briefings, editorial stories and featured newsletters.

Oh, and don't forget - Sharing is Caring ❤️
Know someone who wants or needs to get their news through short audio snippets instead of reading? share AUSUM with them!

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Ausum: Audio that informs & inspires
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