Attack Wagon

Attack Wagon

In one of the small villages in northern Texas, strange things began to happen.

Attack Wagon
Attack Wagon Attack Wagon Attack Wagon Attack Wagon Attack Wagon Attack Wagon Attack Wagon Attack Wagon

Play a popular game of the "Zombie survival" genre that will win Your heart. In this crazy adventure you will have to meet the zombies and defeat them. Fight against an army of hungry and ferocious zombies! Attack Wagon – not only a game about zombies but also about Your strategy and tactics of battle!
In one of the small villages of Northern Texas strange things began to happen. It used to be a very quiet place but now at night in one of the mansions began to hear strange screams. The villagers could not imagine the coming end of the world and the Zombies it seemed to everyone that the residents of the mansion were having fun.
But soon on a quiet quiet night shouts began to resound throughout the village. In just a few hours the village turned into a cemetery of the dead. The main exit from the village is blocked by the undead. Two friends Viktor Kovalev and Harward Cox try to hide in their house but soon realize that the idea is useless because sooner or later the cunning and hungry zombies will get them. Fortunately for them the radio says "in the Northern part of Texas people began to quickly become infected with an unknown virus and turn into the walking dead. Attention survivors move to the Northwest there is a military base there!".

Without thinking Victor and Harward took everything they needed harnessed their horse-their faithful friend-and set off on a long journey full of dangers. They can't get away unnoticed the zombies run after them Victor shoots back and Harward drives the cart. Can two friends get to the military base? Only you can help Victor and Harward escape from the damned zombies their lives are in your hands! Go for it!
Features Of Attack Wagon
• More than 20 types of Zombies of different colors
• Various transport options
• Various detailed locations for the battle against Zombies
* Flexible and thoughtful character leveling
• Player rating system


About this version (1.1.2)

Исправили баг с попаданием пули в зомби.

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Attack Wagon
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