Attack of Jungle

Attack of Jungle

★★★ The ultimate AR location based game, "Attack of Jungle" ★★★

Attack of Jungle
Attack of Jungle Attack of Jungle Attack of Jungle Attack of Jungle

[["Attack of Jungle" ” – Augmented Reality(AR) with Character Development RPG ]]

▣ Augmented Reality (AR) Game ▣
Characters of the animation TV series “Jungle Survival” have come into the real world!
With Attack of Jungle’ “Summon Game” and “JungleGO”, Jungle Monsters with various movement and skills that have invaded the real world can be captured.

▣ Augmented Reality (AR) + Location Based (LBS) Game ▣
Characters of the animation TV series “Jungle Survival” are appearing all over the world.
With Attack of Jungle’ “JungleGO”, capture your own Jungle Monster with either short or long range system fun and easily!

▣ Augmented Reality (AR) + Location Based (LBS) Content + Character-raising RPG ▣
Not just an ordinary AR location based game, but a new type of game that combines AR location based with strategic character breeding.

- Exciting 4:4 PVP with more than 1,000 types of deck formation
- Strategic Battle based on looting & robbing system and types & attributes.
- Use birth, grade, awakening, skills and more to strengthen your own unique Jungle Monster to win battles against other players.

▣ Jungle Survival” TV Series Game! Attack of Jungle ▣
The characters of the animation TV series ‘Jungle Survival’ have returned more cute and strong.
No more boring location based AR contents.
Don’t just watch the game play, but experience exciting victory by playing and develop your own characters.
Various contents such as making, purchasing, ranking, mission and looting & robbing between players are available.

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Size: 18 MB
Version: 5.2.10 by mCoCoA
Updated: 06 March 2020 (472 days ago)
Released: 04 April 2017
Installations: more than 100 000
Attack of Jungle
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